LAPT5 Colombia: Short straw for Perez

August 12, 2012

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lapt-promo.gifWhen today started, if you had bet me it’d take more than an hour of play before a player was eliminated, I’d have taken that bet without hesitating. Four short stacks made it seem almost impossible that the first elimination would take that long.

And there were some called all-in bets early. Hernan Villa made a poorly timed bluff-shove into Ruben Ospina’s pocket queens, but was bailed out by the board. Weider Vanegas shoved into short stack Jayr Fregona from the blinds, but Fregona woke up with kings that held up.

When Felipe Perez’s turn came, however, the short stack luck ran out.


Perez had been quiet throughout the day. I can’t remember him being involved in a pot and, looking back at my notes, I don’t see him taking any flops. He three-bet shoved a few times but wasn’t called, that dangerous style of living which is the last refuge of the short stack. When he three-bet shoved for the first time in Level 25, however, for 520,000 over Vanegas’ button raise to 80,000, Vanegas called with pocket 10s.

Perez showed A♠8♥, a similar situation that Villa found himself in earlier. But the board abandoned Perez, bricking out 6♥7♣K♣Q♠4♥. He had as good a shot as any of the shorters stacks when play started today to double up and climb back into the tournament.

Perez’ elimination in 8th place, good for 31,220,000 Colombian Pesos, may break the dam on eliminations at the final table. That won’t help Perez, of course. If he remains in the room, he’ll be watching from the rail.


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