LAPT5 Punta del Este: Resquin runs out, Melogno moves up

May 27, 2012

lapt-promo.gifOver the course of the two orbits following Vladimir Dobrovolskiy’s elimination in seventh place, we’ve mostly been watching the Raise-and-Take Show starring Uruguay’s own Joaquin Melogno. During those dozen hands, Melogno secured the blinds and antes with opening raises on a full two-thirds of them after the table conceded to his bets time and again.

Thus when Melogno raised one more time to 60,000 (a minimum-raise) from middle position, it’s safe to say his range had become fairly wide. A thought that may have occurred to Osvaldo Resquin of Argentina when he reraised all in for 379,000 over his big blind.

Once Melogno had determined the amount of chips Resquin had shoved, Melogno spent the next minute or so studying his own large collection, counting out his stacks and pushing them around as though to convince himself whether he was ready to part with more.

Then Melogno looked across the table at his opponent, who kept his gaze averted, content to look upon the felt. Having finally taken in and weighed all of the available evidence, Melogno announced the call.

Resquin quickly showed his 10♦7♦, and Melogno nodded as though acknowledging to himself that his study had been worthwhile. The Uruguayan turned over A♥7♥, and when the flop came 3♦9♥A♠ to pair Melogno’s ace, Resquin was already pushing back his chair.

The turn was the J♠, giving Resquin gutshot straight hopes, but the Q♦ fell on the river to send the Argentinian out in sixth for a $35,970 payday.


Osvaldo Resquin

Meanwhile Melogno moves up around 2.3 million to close the gap a bit between himself and leader Francisco Baruffi, presently sitting with just over 3 million.


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