LAPT6 Colombia: Luzardo settles for 6th

June 09, 2013

That was a long, long wait.

For the last two hours, the players have been playing very, very cautiously. The chip leader, Miguel Velasco, hasn’t played many pots at all. Neither has Alejandro Arrubarrena. Pablo Luzardo has been getting run over after showing an incredibly tight river fold earlier in the day.

That has left the majority of the action at the other end of the table, with Team PokerStars Pro Cristian de Leon, Weimer Gutierrez and Miguel Moscoso. It seemed likely that one of those three players would figure in the next elimination hand or perhaps even be the next player eliminated.

It turned out that Luzardo and chip leader Velasco were involved in the next elimination hand, and it didn’t go well for Luzardo.

Luzardo, as mentioned above, had been having a tough time at the table. He played a hand earlier in the day during the 20k-40k level that started with a Velasco early-position raise. Luzardo called in position, as did Moscoso in the big blind. Moscoso checked the 6♠9♠J♦ flop, giving Velasco space to bet 110,000. Luzardo raised to 225,000, folding out Moscoso. Velasco called.

Both players checked the turn when a third spade hit, 7♠. On the river 2♥ Velasco bet 250,000 into the 760,000-chip pot. Luzardo cut calling chips off of his stack, then counted down his remainder at 660,000. If he called and was wrong, he would have 16 big blinds. Not a lot, but not a miniscule amount. He tanked for a minute before open-folding 6♦6♣, bottom set of 6s.

When Grillo saw the hand, he gasped. Velasco looked like he wanted to vomit as he opened Q♥9♥ for middle pair and dragged the pot.

For the next several hours, the players at the table beat up Luzardo, constantly applying pressure to his stack. He finally found himself ground down to just a few hundred thousand, which he put at risk from the small blind with A♦6♥ after Velasco opened 10♣9♣ from late position. Velasco flopped the world, 9♠4♣3♣, and cinched Luzardo’s 6th-place elimination by making a flush with the turn K♣.

Luzardo leaves with COP 41,510,000. He’ll have a long day ahead of himself, I’d imagine, second-guessing his tight fold of the set of 6s and how differently the final table could have gone if he had dragged that pot.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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