LAPT6 Colombia: Team Pro down

June 08, 2013

We’re short one Team PokerStars Pro. Leo Fernandez had been on the feature table all day (if you don’t count the 45 minutes at the start of the day when he wasn’t here). His stack bumped up, bumped down, bumped up and bumped down.

Fernandez finally found himself in a spot that actually made him laugh out loud. He and Eduardo Akl were all in on the turn of a Q♥10♥6♠9♥ board. Fernandez had more chips and the best hand: Q♣10♣ for flopped top two pair. Akl, however, had a world of outs with Q♦J♥. Any heart, any jack, any king and any eight would improve his hand to the winner. When Fernandez saw how many cards he had to fade, he laughed.

The river 2♥ filled a flush for Akl and doubled him up to about 700,000. It also left Fernandez in rough shape, with less than 200,000 in chips. He busted off the feature table a few minutes later.

That brought play to a momentary halt in order to break Mayu Roca’s table. Roca and his 900,000 in chips drew a seat at the feature table, immediately to the right of chip leader German Arias (1.4 million). It will be interesting to watch these two battle it out. Team PokerStars Pro Cristian “El Grillo” de Leon (660,000) is also at the feature table now, on Akl’s left.

Improbably, Miguel Velasco has joined them at the feature table. A short time ago he was down to 34,000 in chips with blinds at 8,000 and 16,000. He keeps getting his chips in good and coming out ahead. If he makes tomorrow’s final table, it will be quite a story.

There’s still one full table of eliminations to go before that happens though. At the outer table, Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen (395,000) is now below the tournament average of 590,000. His table draw is problematic. Although he doesn’t have to contend with any of the monster stacks, he also faces a situation where most of the chips are at the feature table. It appears that Weider Gutierrez (700,000) is the table leader of the outer table, and he’s not in a position Guillen can easily exploit.

We’re on track now to determine the final eight before the scheduled dinner break, at the end of Level 24. It could be an early night not only for the Day 3 eliminated players, but also for the eight who will return tomorrow for the final table.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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