LAPT6 Peru: Diver down, four remain

August 04, 2013

After more than 28 one-hour levels of poker to make the final five, it was a tumultuous final 15 minutes for Scott Diver before finally falling in fifth.

The sequence began well for the Canadian. After Victor Jesus Lay raised to 300,000 from under the gun, it folded to Diver in the big blind who pushed all in for 935,000, and Lay went into the tank.

Lay separated his stacks into columns and began counting them out, then eventually positioned calling chips to one side and the rest to the other. Finally after about a minute longer he called.

Diver quickly rose and tabled his hand — K♦K♣ — and Lay stood as well as he somewhat less animatedly turned over his A♥4♥.

The flop came 4♠Q♥8♥, and Diver’s many supporters let out a roar of approval despite the troubling flush draw and Lay picking up a smaller pair. The clapping continued undeterred, though, as the 6♠ turn and 7♦ river arrived, and the Canadian had doubled up close to 2 million while Lay slipped back to about 1.65 million

“My heart’s beating for you Scotty!” yelled out one of those supporters of Diver from the seats.


The very next hand then did little to provide any respite.

The action folded around to Diver in the small blind who open-raised his newly bolstered stack all in, and this time Lay didn’t waste any time at all before calling.

Diver had A♣5♥, but Lay had woken up with A♥Q♠, and after the board came A♦2♠9♣9♦3♠ it was Lay’s rail letting out a loud roar as he ran over to slap hands with a friend.

Suddenly Lay had seized the chip lead, moving up over 3.3 million while Diver was down to 305,000.

The next hand saw it fold around to Diver who pushed from the button with 6♠6♦ and Rafael Pardo kind of shruggingly called from the big blind with 10♥6♣. The community cards came 2♦9♣3♣3♥7♣, and Diver was back up close to 700,000.

Soon, though, Diver would be all in and at risk again with K♥9♣ and in the uncomfortable spot of being up against Patricio Rojas’s A♥K♦. The board came K♣7♠2♣5♥Q♥, and Diver was out in fifth, earning $50,000 for the finish. The Canadian shook hands with the others, then joined his supporters who showered congratulations on him as they left together.


Scott Diver – 5th place

Rojas is now back in front again with more than 3.6 million, with Lay close to 3.3 million, Pardo just over 2.5 million, and Ricardo Chauriye fourth with about 1.15 million as they push toward the halfway point of Level 29.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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