LAPT8 Panama: Final 32 set, Kazemipur leads again

May 11, 2015

A swift day 2 is now in the books.

We didn’t even make it through the first level after dinner break. The final 32 players started bagging up their chips with the clock frozen at 8:21 on level 17.

In a testament to today’s speed, even the bubble burst without having to go hand-for-hand.

Leading the final 32 is the same player that started the day with the lead, Shakeeb Kazemipur.


Shakeeb Kazemipur
Kazemipur –who’s on summer break and decided to play the LAPT and backpack through South America after winning the Sunday Million a few weeks ago– finished the day with 855,500.

Kazemipur rarely lost the lead today and even when he did, it was only momentary. While things went his way at the table, he failed to go deep in today’s SCOOPs.

Coming in second is Argentina’s Carlos Leiva, who finished the day with 711,000.

At the end of the top three is Olga Iermolcheva, who barely made it to the tournament after flying in straight from the EPT11 Grand Final. This is Iermolcheva’s first time on Latin American soil and she’ll start day 3 with 598,000.

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Olga Iermolcheva
Fifty percent of the Bertoli brothers also made it to day 3. Tullio Bertoli finished the day with 324,000 and is hoping to add an LAPT final table to his resume, just like his big brother.

His older brother, Jesus Bertoli, didn’t make it through the day and neither did Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari. Akkari did make the money though and won $4,280 for finishing 40th.

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Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari
Two-time LAPT champion and repeat offender Oscar Alache was also eliminated today. There will be no three-time LAPT champion this event.


Oscar Alache
Play will resume tomorrow at noon UTC-5:00 so be sure to join us as we play down to the LAPT8 Panama final table.

For multilingual coverage, check out our Spanish PokerStars Blog and our Brazilian PokerStars Blog. If you’re more of a watcher, head over to LAPT Live to check out the live stream. Updates are also available on the LAPT Facebook page.

All photos are snapped by Carlos Monti and all words are clacked by Alexander Villegas.


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