LAPT8 Panama: Uncovering Urbanovich

May 10, 2015

At first glance, everything about Dzimtry Urbanovich appears to be a typo.

A second look just reaffirms the almost unbelievable facts.

Yes, that’s a “D” followed by a “z.” That’s how Polish works.

Yes, he made 12 final tables this last EPT season, and yes, he won five of those tournaments. Four of those victories came from EPT11 Malta alone.

Yes, he’s won more than $2 million in the last two months.

Yes, he’s 19.

Again, not a typo, Urbanovich is a teenager.

Even the fact that he’s actually here seems to be a mistake. Urbanovich finished 3rd in the €10,000 NLHE Turbo 6-Max in the EPT11 Grand Final yesterday.

That’s in Monte Carlo, not the Las Vegas Monte Carlo, the European one, a whole ocean away. Urbanoivch was there last night, he’s probably still sleeping in his hotel room there or out celebrating, not playing LAPT8 Panama.

The reporting was so incredulous that our photographer went up to him with a picture of Urbanovich and asked this would-be teenager if that was him.

A tired-looking Urbanovich nodded.


Urbanovich at LAPT8 Panama
“I got in three hours ago,” Ubanovich said.

There was no glitch in the Matrix. A small scrum of photographers huddled around the table and snapped pictures of the man they’d passed by so many times.

Perhaps the most unbelievable part of Urbanovich’s sudden appearance was the fact that he barely had any chips, only about 10,000.

Urbanovich moved all-in on the last hand before break but no one called.

“The Latin players are different,” Urbanovich said. “Very aggressive, different style. I’ve had to change my strategy.”

Changed to what, Urbanovich wouldn’t say, he’d just smile.

Whatever strategy he had before was good enough to battle Eric Seidel heads-up for hours in a Super High Roller.


Urbanovich at the EPT Super High Roller
That strategy is also a secret though.

“I’ll not give an answer to that,” Urbanovich said when asked what the key to his success was. “I’ve just had a very good year.”

But Urbanovich won’t be adding an LAPT victory to his glittering resume just yet. Shortly after returning from break, Urbanovich was eliminated.

The trip actually happened by mistake, Urbanovich thought he was playing an online satellite for an EPT but won a package to LAPT8 Panama instead.

It was apparently one of Urbanovich’s very few mistakes, but he decided to make the most of it.

“I’m going to stay in Panama to play the SCOOP,” Urbanovich said. “The time zone is better than back home so I can play with a better schedule.”

Urbanovich already has one SCOOP victory under his belt but will probably add another 35 in the next few weeks.

EPT_GrandFinal-991_Dzmitry Urbanovich.jpg

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All photos are snapped by Carlos Monti and all words are clacked by Alexander Villegas.


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