Let the good times roll!

August 20, 2015

In the beginning most new poker players will have very little knowledge of the game to start off with. Most will have little to no bankroll to get started with and this can make their first steps into the World of Poker a little intimidating for some, but don’t despair. The good folk at PokerSchoolOnline have shouted out ‘Let the Good Times Roll’ with the introduction of a new fun poker promotion exclusively to new players called the ‘Beginners Bankroll Challenge‘.

So what’s it’s all about? Well, on the face of it the objective is really quite simple and that is to teach new players to the game how to play successful poker and reward and encourage them in a fun and friendly way as they learn. Players must complete a series of fifteen fun mini-challenges and for each one they complete successfully they receive an award including tournament tickets that they can use in real money games on PokerStars. On the completion of their final challenge players receive a ticket to a $5,000 guaranteed tournament where they can win big money and really boost their poker bankroll significantly.


Ok, so the prizes are sweet, who doesn’t like getting free stuff right? However, under the skin of this promotion there’s something far more valuable to be gained and that’s the opportunity to learn how to play better poker. Knowledge is power and the depth of the strategy lessons and videos on offer with this is simply quite stunning. Each article is short and explained in a way that’s both easy to understand and absorb. I really wish there was something like this around when I first started playing poker. What new players can learn in a short time with this promotion might otherwise take them years to learn by themselves.

So why not give it a go? If you are new to the game and have not yet made a deposit on PokerStars then you could be eligible to take part. Visit PokerSchoolOnline today to find out!

You’ll need a PokerStars account to play! Get one here today.




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