LEX LIVE 3: ‘penguy2’ and ‘Jefffrr’ win packages online (with more up for grabs this Sunday)

February 28, 2020inPoker

This week’s online qualifiers to Lex Live 3 include a 20-year-old professional poker player from Canada and a 22-year-old trainee accountant from Dublin who recently took down a big live event for €18,000.

Jeffrey Reardon and Stephen Kehoe turned $55 into an LL3 package worth $1,050. If you want to join them in qualifying for the £230 Main Event with cash for expenses thrown in for good measure, then you can. Online satellites are running right now.

This Sunday (March 1st) at 16:00 GMT, there’s a $5.50 Mega Path Step 2 Qualifier taking place, which has five tickets guaranteed in the prize pool. You can buy into this directly, or you can qualify for just $0.75 in a Mega Path Step 1 Hyper Turbo (go to Events > Live > Lex Live for details).

Those tickets take you through to the $55 Mega Path Step 3 Qualifier, which has two full packages worth $1,050 guaranteed. That event–which you can buy into directly for $55–begins at 19:00 GMT.

Meet the qualifiers.

Jeffrey Reardon


Twitch name: Jefffrr
Age: 20
From: Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Professional poker player

PokerStars Blog: Hey Jeffrey, congratulations on winning a Lex Live 3 package. What inspired you to play the satellite?

Jeffrey Reardon: Thanks! Quite simply, I decided to play this LL3 satellite in hopes of getting a package for a cheaper price. I attended LL2 in October and I had an amazing time because it was my first time in Europe and It was our first meet up for my online friends and I. It was a great opportunity to finally meet them and I didn’t mind the distance as I’m the only kid in our group from North America.

How did it all go for you?

I bought in directly to the $55 satellite, which went pretty smoothly. One memorable hand I remember was when I bubbled a good friend of mine with JJ > A9, eliminating him in 5th place when there were only three packages up top. I did feel bad at the time but we laugh about it now!

What do you look forward to at LL3?

What I’m most looking forward to is meeting up with all my friends and playing tournaments for the week.

As a poker pro yourself, do you find time to watch Lex on Twitch?

I definitely watch Lex on twitch. I discovered him a long time ago when he first started streaming and was only getting a few hundred viewers. My Twitch account is “Jefffrr” but I don’t use it very often. I like watching Lex as I get to see the action in some of the higher stakes.

What’s your journey to poker pro been like?

I got really interested in poker at high school, then I decided not to go to college when I was 18 to see what I could do with poker for a year. I was working two jobs at the time and was fortunate enough to quit them after playing poker for a few months. I have now been playing full time since April 2019. I now hope to slowly move into high stakes poker while keeping steady results, also to travel more and experience more live poker



Stephen Kehoe took down the European Deepstack for €18K


Twitch name: penguy2
Age: 22
From: Dublin, Ireland
Occupation: Trainee accountant

PokerStars Blog: Hey Stephen, congratulations on winning a Lex Live 3 package. Did you go through the steps, or did you buy-in to the $55 qualifier directly?

Stephen Kehoe: Thanks! I bought straight into the satellite. I was watching Lex at the time and thought I’d give it a go.

Clearly, it went as well as it could have! What was it like to play?

It went really well, I literally could not lose a hand just ran really hot. I remember a hand I jammed ace-three suited from the small blind vs Croaks. I had a big stack so I wanted to apply maximum ICM pressure. He called with ace-queen and I hit a three on the flop. I’m sure he’ll have his chance for revenge at the event!

Have you attended a Lex Live before?

Nope, but I’ve heard they were great. I wanted to play the satellite because I know the event is huge and I’ve heard that the last two were really good fun and had loads of great side events. Plus I will get to meet some of the people that got me into poker.

Do you mean the streamers like Lex, Fintan and Spraggy?

Yeah. I’m mostly looking forward to meeting the people I’ve learned so much from!

How did you discover Lex?

I’ve always thought he was a great player so I’ve kind of followed him since I gained an interest in poker myself. Now I watch him regularly on Twitch. He’s just really entertaining and obviously a sick player

When did you first get into poker yourself?

I started playing poker in college, playing $0.10/$0.20 cash games and losing money. However I loved the game and was very intrigued by it, so I stuck at it and began learning the game. Four years on I think I’ve become a decent player!

I recently won a Winter Series event during Christmas 2019, and just this weekend I won a live event in Dublin for €18,000 [Kehoe took down the European Deepstack], so it has really been a great few months.

Wow, congratulations on the recent success. What are your goals for the future?

My goal for the future is to play poker at a high level and compete with the best.

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