Look forward to some StarsFun at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

December 09, 2015


We might be waist deep in an EPT festival right now, but that never stopped us looking ahead to the next festival coming up, especially when it’s the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

The PCA is the jewel in the PokerStars calendar, offering more than 100 tournaments in great venue, but with a backdrop of palm trees and Paradise.

But the PCA is more than about poker. Our plan is to make it a memorable trip whether you walk away as the new PCA Main Event champion or with nothing more than a story.

What will that involve exactly?

Well for one thing we’re thrilled to announce that Breakfast with the Pros is back. These are a great opportunity to meet Team PokerStars Pros, ask questions and hear what they have to say about the game. We even throw in breakfast. They’re a highlight of the festival not to be missed, and run from January 7 to 13, starting at 11am each day.

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The player lounge is then turned over to a host of other activities, including Atari Fun. You can play classic Atari games such as “Centipede”, “Asteroids” and “Missile Command” with a chance to win one of three replica machines each day. The player lounge is also a great place to relax and get away from the bustle of the tournament room for a while. Be sure to drop in and say hello.

But this year it’s not just inside where we’re running activities.

If you like basketball then we’re staging a 3-v-3 Basketball shootout featuring Jason Mercier, which is open to the first 48 players to register and runs on the morning of January 11 to 12. We’re also accepting alternates – just email PCA@pslive.com. On January 11, registration runs from 9:00am to 9:30pm, you’ll shoot for half an hour and then the games will run from 10am until noon. The next day you’ll shoot from 9.30am, with games running from 10am.

As well as being a great chance to get some vitamin-A after long sessions at the table, the winners will gain free entry into a $1,000 side event on January 13. Oh, and if you like free stuff every player who enters gets a free t-shirt for taking part.

Then there’s a tailgate party which (admittedly weather depending) coincides with the NFL play offs. They’ll be a free-to-enter squares contest to across the weekend of January 9 to 10, as well as beer, food, and the obligatory beer pong. We’ll also be throwing in a few prizes to win along the way.

Back indoors and they’ll be extra events on the schedule to keep things new.

HU4Rollz will pitch you against Marc Andre Ladouceur, Liv Boeree and Randy Lew from Team PokerStars in a free to enter Heads-Up Challenge. They’ll be prizes of course, ranging from $500 to $1,000 for consecutive wins. That runs from January 8 to 10.

We’ll also be hosting the first ever PokerStars Casino €100,000 guaranteed blackjack tournament on January 8, featuring a buy-in of $500 and maximum of 2016 players, in the Atlantis Casino.

Lastly the official player party will wrap up the adventure on January 13, from 8-.30pm to 10.30pm before moving to the Aura night club. Taking place in the Grand Ballroom, they’ll be free drinks, canapés and some great entertainment.

We’re excited by it and we hope you are too. For all the details visit the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure homepage.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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