Lost for Words – an amazing opportunity

November 16, 2015

We’re speechless, completely at a loss for what to say. Poker coaching, as many experienced poker players know, usually comes at a hefty price. But what if we told you that you could get it for FREE, and from a PokerStars Team Pro Online player!


That’s right, you could be picking the mind of an experienced and profitable PokerStars Pro, and it won’t cost you anything, not a dime, Zilch! So what do have to say about that, interested?

Well, we at PokerSchoolOnline want to hear exactly what you have to say about it with our latest promotion. Back by popular demand following his Twitch livestream last week, André Coimbra returns to the PokerSchoolOnline Twitch channel on Friday, November 20. This time he’s looking for a new student to share his knowledge with.

André Coimbra_pso_training.jpg

Let Andre Coimbra make you a better player
For a chance of being selected all we want to know is why you think you would make a good student, in 25 words or more. You can enter today in the poker forum at the school but hurry, entries close this Wednesday, November 18.

“I think I would make a good student for this coaching session because _____________”

See here for full Terms & Conditions.

André Coimbra is a well-known member of PokerStars Team Pro Online and one of the biggest online players in his home country of Portugal. With a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics it’s no surprise that André has an analytical approach to the game, a trait that helped him become a respected and feared opponent at the tables.

And it’s not just poker that brought him success. At nineteen years of age he played his first Magic: The Gathering World Championship, finishing eighth to win $7,500. That was back in 2005, the same year he took an interest in poker. As he always does, André began studying everything he could about the game. Three years later André earned SuperNova status on PokerStars.

It was 2009 however that the magic really happened for Andre. That year he walked away from the Magic World Championship as number one, and the first ever Portuguese winner of the event, winning $45,000. At the same time he reached SuperNova Elite on PokerStars, and was invited to become a member of Team Pro Online – a position he’s held ever since.

As you can probably tell there’s lots to be learned from André, and his guidance and advice will help you vastly improve your poker game. So, if you would like the chance to become his latest prodigy don’t delay. Get your entry in at PokerSchoolOnline.


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