Lucky in TPL win?

February 08, 2011


Lucky Bastaa is this week’s Twitter Poker League tournament champion.

A smaller field than usual this week, probably due to the super bowl – 992 players turned out for the 5th week of the season. Three players also volunteered to have 300FPP bounties placed on their heads, “HAnN18AL”, “iamfrmindia” and “Fly2lv”.

“Fly2lv” was eliminated by “DDscouser” and he tweeted to let everyone know @ddscouser: “I took out Fly2lv already…” #tpoker only moments after the bounty players were announced. Fast work, and it sounded like he wanted another! Bounty player “HAnN18AL” outlasted the others, and so his reward was increased to 500FPP. “HAnN18AL” didn’t seem to that was enough tweeting: “I feel so cheap, just 500 FPP to knock a player like me!” #tpoker Sure enough though he was eventually eliminated by “micheal soh”, congratulations on claiming the 500FPP bounty.

The Twitter Poker League is a pretty fast tournament, anyone would tell you that. By the 1st break we had lost around half the field, by the 2nd we were near the bubble and shortly after the 4th break we had our final table, formed of “coopabc”, “el zocke”, “Luck Bastaa”, “peproom”, “Kir kar”, “14kwat10”, “serj389”, “sajkoo99” and “diegool.”

Chip leader “coopabc” raised with A♥9♠ and “serj389” decided to defend his small blind with K♦3♣, defending that light is bound to get you into trouble. Especially when someone makes four of a kind on a board of 9♦K♠9♥ 9♣ 10♠, plus it’s never easy to fold a full house. As a result “serj389” finished in 9th place. “14kwat10” was next to go, he was involved in a flip with his 10♣10♠ vs. A♠K♦ despite a 10 on the flop, the river brought the nut straight for big slick and “peproom” won the hand, busting “14kwat10” in 8th place.

Virtually forced all-in in the small blind, “sajkoo99” found themselves out in 7th after getting very short earlier at the table. “coopabc” had a huge chip lead now at the final table, and was using that fact to bully the other players, stealing the blinds and adding to the already clear lead. Proving that sometimes top pair with J♠4♣ is sometimes good facing a shove on a flop of 3♠4♦2♦ “coopabc” held up against A♥K♥ and eliminated “diegoodl” in 6th place.

Later on “Kir kar” shoved as a short stack with A♦2♥ it was folded around to “coopabc” who was getting 4.5:1 in the big blind, with those odds I think anyone calls with any two cards. Maybe even just one card! As a result “Kir kar” left in 5th after he failed to make a pair with his hand, and “coopabc” made two with Q♥10♠. 4th place this week went to “peproom” since he was unable to recover losing most of his chips in an all-in with 8♥8♠ against the A♠A♣ of “el zocke”.

Three handed “coopabc” had over half the chips in play! He used that fact to put maximum pressure on the other two players, and after a while “el zocke” snapped and shoved 9♣8♠ from the small blind into K♠10♣ of “Lucky Bastaa” – to go out in 3rd place. We were now heads up and “coopabc” had twice as many chips as “lucky bastaa” but either he lived up to his name, or was just the better heads up player because after a lengthy 70 hand battle, he came out on top. Probably the latter as there were virtually no all in situations in the match, just lots and lots of small pots. The final hand was pretty standard, and perhaps a little lucky:


Congratulations to all who made the money, the final table and well done to the “lucky bastaa” on the win. With those 20 points from the win the lucky basket rockets up to a tied 2nd on the leaderboard his final table appearance has meant that “14kwat10” is our new overall leader with 29points. But previous league leader “KozhevnikovR” is only a point behind with 28, as is the lucky bar tender also with 28 points. Three weeks left in this season, we are getting close to crowning the king of season 5.

As usual we also awarded 150FPP for our favourite tweet of the night.
@FacetiousKaren: “Lord Love a duck, some of these players have as much skill as a soggy cornflake, but at least I doubled up” #tpoker We enjoyed that one a lot, and will be awarding the same 150FPP prize again next week so be sure to use the #tpoker hashtag when tweeting. With just a $1.10 buy-in, FPP bounties, league leaderboard prizes and a friendly community both at the tables and on twitter – there is something for everyone. Come and join in the action. Next week’s game is already open for registration, tourney ID: 358316932.


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