Mads “madsamot” Amot wins a lot, triumphs in 7/12/16 Super Tuesday

July 13, 2016

While the World Series of Poker Main Event continues in Las Vegas, the Super Tuesday played out again tonight, likewise pitting players from all over the world. This week’s installment of the $1,050 buy-in tournament saw 331 enter, and after a little over 11 hours Norway’s Mads “madsamot” Amot was the last man standing, having claimed all the chips and the event’s $63,518.90 first prize.


That field of 331 meant a $331,000 prize pool, exceeding the $300K guarantee. Not quite five-and-a-half hours into the tournament they were down to 54 players, and with the money bubble having burst Francisco “07Papi” Oliveira had edged into the chip lead.

About two hours later they were down to 18, with Oliveira still inside the top five and TanTanSWE having moved out in front as the only player in seven figures with a stack of more than 1.1 million.

Phil “takechip” D’Auteuil (18th), spaise411 (17th), and 123456987cac (16th) were the next players out, picking up $2,979 apiece. After slipping in the counts Francisco “07Papi” Oliveira was then eliminated (15th), with Matthias “goodvibe1” Neu (14th) and Atheri$Viper (13th) following, those three each taking away $3,641.

Joshua “slayerv1fan” Hoesel (12th), JanekJorgman (11th), and ragAAAila19 (10th) then successively fell to earn $4,303 paydays, and with TanTanSWE again in first position the final table was underway.


Seat 1: kdrAS (Brazil) — 506,008 
Seat 2: TanTanSWE (Sweden) — 1,820,912 
Seat 3: Civiliokas (Lithuania) — 1,621,460 
Seat 4: McSchmäh (Germany) — 346,648 
Seat 5: sd013 (Ukraine) — 1,618,902 
Seat 6: tollefishy (Norway) — 602,548 
Seat 7: Rodrigo “rodckz” Motoki (Brazil) — 497,605 
Seat 8: Mads “madsamot” Amot (Norway) — 642,481 
Seat 9: Pinocchyo (Germany) — 618,436

About 10 minutes into the final table, the blinds were 10,000/20,000 when sd013 opened for 40,000 from the button and Rodrigo “rodckz” Motoki called from the big blind. The flop came J♠7♥10♥ and Motoki checked. sd013 continued for 60,000, then Motoki shoved all-in for 382,645 and sd013 called.

Motoki had K♣J♦ for top pair of jacks while sd013 had Q♠9♠ for an open-ended straight draw. The turn then brought the K♦ to fill sd013’s straight while giving Motoki two pair. The river was the 8♣, and Motoki was done in ninth.

A little later the blinds were 12,500/25,000 when Pinocchyo open-raised all-in to 101,606 from the small blind and got a call from kdrAS sitting one seat over. Pinocchyo had 10♦6♠ though was drawing live versus kdrAS’s A♠3♥. The 8♥4♣5♥5♠J♣ board didn’t help, though, and Pinnochyo was cut down in eighth.

Play marched on and with the blinds at 15,000/30,000 it was Civiliokas raising to 64,200 from the button, sd013 calling from the big blind, and the pair watching a flop come 3♥J♠2♠. Both checked, then after the 8♦ turn sd013 shoved all-in for 339,977 and Civiliokas called.

sd103 showed 9♥8♣ for eights and was ahead of Civiliokas who had A♠K♣. But the river brought the A♥ to give Civiliokas the better pair and stop sd103’s run in seventh.

They were nearing the end of the tournament’s 10th hour when kdrAS made a just-over-2x raise to 74,900 from early position, then tollefishy pushed from the big blind and kdrAS called all-in with the 468,771 behind.

kdrAS had picked up Q♠Q♦ but had run into tollefishy’s K♥K♣. The K♠A♣5♠ flop then improved tollefishy to a set, and after the 6♣ turn kdrAS was drawing dead to finish in sixth.

On the very next hand, TanTanSWE raised to 71,750 from UTG and got a caller in Mads “madsamot” Amot from the big blind. The flop came 2♠4♦10♠, Amot checked, TanTanSWE bet 73,800, and Amot called. The turn brought the K♥ and another check from Amot, and when TanTanSWE bet 92,800, Amot check-raised all-in and TanTanSWE called with the 249,186 left.

TanTanSWE had Q♣Q♦ but Amot had flopped two pair with 10♥4♥, and after the 5♥ completed the board TanTanSWE had fallen in fifth.

Over a half-hour later, the blinds were up to 20,000/40,000 when McSchmäh opened for 88,000 from the button, tollefishy shoved from the big blind for 849,750, and McSchmäh called. tollefishy had A♠8♣ and McSchmäh Q♦Q♠, and five cards later — 5♠7♣10♣5♦8♠ — McSchmäh had the better two pair and tollefishy was done in fourth.

The final three players all made it to the tourney’s 11-hour mark, by which time Amot enjoyed a big chip lead with more than 5.82 million while McSchmäh had about 1.46 million and Civiliokas about 989,000.

Just a couple of minutes later the blinds were 30,000/60,000 when Civiliokas raised to 128,400 from the button and got a call from Mads “madsamot” Amot playing from the big blind. Both checked the 4♣8♥2♥ flop, then following the 3♦ turn Amot fired 185,000, Civiliokas pushed all-in for 906,900, and Amot called.

Civiliokas had Q♠5♠, having turned a straight draw, but that turn card had already given Amot a straight with his 6♥5♣. The river was the 8♠ and Civiliokas was sent railward in third.   

That pot put Amot at 6,648,918 to start heads-up play, well ahead of McSchmäh’s 1,626,082. They battled for two dozen hands, after which McSchmäh had been chipped down to just under 1 million. Then a hand arose that saw Amot shove from the button and McSchmäh call all-in.

madsamot: 9♣8♣
McSchmäh: A♠7♦

McSchmäh had the preflop edge, but the 10♥10♣8♠ flop swung the advantage Amot’s way. The turn was the K♣ and river the 2♠ and it was all over — Amot had won!


Mads “madsamot” Amot

Congratulations to Mads “madsamot” Amot for topping this week’s tough field of 331 to win the Super Tuesday and claim a handsome $63,518.90 first prize.

7/12/16 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold’em) results
Entrants: 331
Prize pool: $331,000
Places paid: 54

1. Mads “madsamot” Amot (Norway) $63,518.90
2. McSchmäh (Germany) $47,167.50
3. Civiliokas (Lithuania) $34,755.00
4. tollefishy (Norway) $26,480.00
5. TanTanSWE (Sweden) $18,536.00
6. kdrAS (Brazil) $14,067.50
7. sd013 (Ukraine) $10,757.50
8. Pinocchyo (Germany) $7,447.50
9. Rodrigo “rodckz” Motoki (Brazil) $5,494.60

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