Make it to Macau, ACOP for $700 or less

October 12, 2012


You want to go to Macau. You may not know it, but rest assured, you do. You want to fly into the Hong Kong airport (a full city of luxury under one roof). You want to take the ferry across to Macau. You want to experience a city unlike any you’ve ever known. It’s been called Vegas on steroids. You want to go, regardless of whether you know it yet. And, if you play it right, you could be going next month for $700 or less.

Beginning in November, PokerStars Macau and the Asia Pacific Poker Tour are hosting the Asia Championship of Poker. Because you want to go–and because you may not have the cash to make it that far–PokerStars is here to hook you up.

This weekend, PokerStars is hosting a $700 mega satellite that guarantees at least five full packages to ACOP. Right now there are only a few people registered (something sure to change in the next day or so), and it’s your best chance at getting in on the Macau trip on the cheap. Even if you don’t have $700, there are qualifiers that can get you into the mega sat for as little as five dollars.


Grand Waldo Hotel in Macau

If you make it there, you’re sure to see some familiar faces. Included in the early RSVPs are last year’s champion Randy Lew and Team PokerStars Pro ElkY.

This weekend’s mega sat kicks of at 13:16 ET Sunday. Qualifiers to the $700 mega are running now.

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Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging


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