Making sense of the Stadium Series

July 03, 2020inNews

You may have heard that a brand new tournament series starts this weekend on PokerStars. Stadium Series combines the very best tournament action with heaps of added money and exclusive cards-up streaming coverage.

But don’t be confused. Behind its new name and glitzy marketing, this is a straightforward tournament series — with some simply superb added bonuses.

On every day for four weeks from July 5 to August 2, there will be at least three no limit hold’em tournaments in the Stadium Series, with a low, medium and high buy-in. Anyone can play any event, and there are plenty of satellites running to get you in on the cheap.

From Monday through Saturday of each week, these tournaments are known as “heats”. On the four Sundays — July 12, July 19, July 26 and August 2 — we also have a weekly final. You can buy straight in to any tournament — heat or final — in the normal manner, and all tournaments also have a totally normal payout structure. See the full schedule.

Of course, there are also some amazing guarantees on all of them, totalling $50 million across the series. The $5,200 Stadium Series Grand Final on August 2 has a $5 million guarantee.


Furthermore — and here’s the real beauty of Stadium Series — if you do particularly well in any of the low or medium-tiered heats, or strike it lucky in a number of other giveaways, you will receive a direct buy-in ticket to a Weekly Final.

The value of these tickets totals $2 million. It’s 100 percent added money. Nothing is being subtracted from the prize pools along the way.

So let’s be clear again: Stadium Series involves 102 tournaments over four weeks and you can buy in directly to any of them. The reason they’re called heats and finals is simply because there’s an additional chance to qualify to the weekly finals via the giveaways in the heats.


$2 million worth of added value

• If you do well in any of the heats at the low and medium tier, you will receive a ticket to the weekly final. This is in addition to what you win from the regular prize pool. Details of how many tickets are available will be announced closer to the time, and players should check the tournament lobbies for full details.

• If you make the final table in any of the weekly finals, you’ll get a $5,200 buy-in to the Grand Final. That is in addition to what you win from the regular prize pool.

• PokerStars’ Twitch streamers and webcasters will also have a ton of Stadium Series tickets to give away. Keep an eye on the PokerStars Twitch and main PokerStars Twitter accounts for more details.

• Selected tournaments from the main PokerStars tournament schedule will also have ticket giveaways. Again, keep an eye on the social media channels for more details.

• You can also qualify for the Grand Final via the Stadium Series Fast Track or Stadium Series Trials. Click for more details about that.


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