Manila Megastack 3: Day 1a Updates

September 25, 2015

Manila Megastack 3

10:30pm Day 1a ends with Jeon way way ahead

Seung Soo Jeon closed day 1a of the Manila Megastack with a monster stack of 605K chips. Before the final hand of the night, Jeon was already high above the rest and continued to dominate the table by railing another player. Jeon had pocket eights that landed a full house.

10:00pm A little bit Weis

Halfway through the event we began to notice the slow rise of Felix Weis, at one point was running second in chips to Seung Soo Jeon. His stack took some beating however but managed to control it and earn some chips in some good hands. In one hand he was in a battle of the blinds against Jae Wook Shin. Weis raised it and limper Shin called from the small blind. At the flop, Shin checked and Weis bet, which was good enough to win the pot.

In another hand, Weis was in a raised pot preflop with two other players. The board showed 8♥A♦2♠ and everyone checked. At the turn of 2♦, Weis bet 15,500 and found one caller. Then on the river of 4♠, he continued and sent out 80k. Another pot won after his challenger folded.

During the final hand at his table, Weis faced off with monster stacked Jeon and won the hand to add more chips to his arsenal entering day 2 onf Sunday.

9:30pm: Jeon scalps two more and climbs over 500k

Seung Soo Jeon is on a roll today and it doesn’t look like anyone is able to put a halt to his winning spree. Jeon recently scalped two players and has broken past 500k chips. In one hand, Jeon raised to 8k from the cutoff seat and was called by the big blind. At the flop of K♠6♥2♣, action was checked to Jeon who bet 11k and was checked by the bb. At the turn of 4♣, bb checked again, Jeon bet 22k, only to be answered with a shove by the bb. Jeon snap-called and showed his A♣A♠ way ahead of bb’s 7♦6♦. With the river of 9♥, Jeon scooped the pot and sent one packing.

A few hands after, Jeon was looking down on a board of A♠7♦3♣ and laid out a 25k bet. One player folded but the player to his immediate right check-called. At the turn of 2♣, action checked to Jeon again who went all in and the opponent called for all his chips. Jeon had A♣10♠ and the other had A♦5♠. With the river of 9♣ landing, Jeon railed another and scooped up all his chips.

9:00pm: Huang and Diva eliminated

With blinds escalating and an average stack of 105,000 considered healthy, short stacks are moving all in at every turn. Some have been successful without getting any callers but for Bryan Huang Diwei, his run for day 2 ended as well as for Anton Diva who were unable to double up instead were sent to the rail. There are now 40 players left in the field

8:45pm Fabillaran climbs into the chip lead

Bruce Wayne Fabillaran found a great spot to double up and more in a hand that started with the utg player raising to 7K. He was called by Sam Peralta, John King, and the small blind player, but Fabillaran on the big blind went way over the top and shoved in his 113,300 chips. Peralta was the only one who opted to call despite having slightly less chips. Peralta had A♣J♣ and Fabillaran had Q♠Q♣. Peralta failed to overtake the queens and was sent to the rail while Fabillaran arranged a massive pile for his next takedown.

Two hands after, Fabillaran faced a board of J♦6♠8♦ and an all in of 37,800 by Alan Escano. Fabillaran called then added a few more chips in when the next player also shoved for a total of 43,200. At the showdown, Fabillaran had A♥J♣ top pair, Escano had 4♦4♥, and the other all in had 7♦5♦ open ended flush draw. With the turn of 10♣ and river of A♣, Fabillaran claimed a sweet pot while eliminating two players in the process.

Fabillaran is now the chip leader with over 340K chips.

7:40pm: Lubas defends his big blind and busts

With a raise and a call before him, Jay Lubas decides to move all in from the big blind for over 22K chips. Nelia Nepomuceno tanks then folds, leaving one player left to decide. He took no time thinking of his move and quickly called. Lubas had K♠6♠ against caller’s 9♦9♠. The board bricked and Lubas swiftly left the scene.

7:30pm: Seung Soo Jeon leads with 250K chips

Seung Soo Jeon is sitting with a massive stack of over 250K chips. Jeon earned some of those chips in a hand against Anthony Gabitan who shoved with ace-queen but was way behind Jeon’s ace-king. The board bricked and Jeon won the hand while booting out Gabitan from the main event.

In another hand, Jeon had pocket jacks and was all in preflop against ace-king and pocket fives. The board landed a jack giving Jeon a set that sealed the win and the hefty pile in the middle.

7:00pm: Registration closes

After 8 levels of tournament play, late registration closed with 168 entries tallied. Among those who made the late entry cut were Bryan Huang and Ben Abrahams. We are now at the freeze-out stage with 107 players left in the field. We are playing until the end of level 15.

6:30pm: King with the higher flush

The hand began with six players in on an unraised pot. At the flop of 3♠9♠J♠, action checked to Nelia Nepomuceno who bet 1200. She was called by both John King and a mid position player. At the turn of 8♠, she bet again, this time 1500 and was called by King. On the river of 3♥, Nepomuceno checked to King who laid out a 3500 bet. Nepomuceno quickly called and was disappointed to see King’s A♠4♥ for the nut flush against her K♠3♦ flush.

6:20pm: Sequeira turns an ace for a nice pot

Jude Thaddeus Sequeira was in a pot with a local player and Roger Spets. On a board of 4♣4♦6♦, Sequeira checked to the Filipino who bet 2000 and was called by both Spets and Sequeira. At the turn of A♣, everyone checked. Then on the river of 10♥, Sequeira bet 3600 which was smooth-called by both remaining players. Sequeira won with his A♥J♠ besting the Filipino’s pocket kings. Spets didn’t show.

6:10pm: Chen’s tens rail one

Pete Chen has just landed a nice pot. From the mid section, a raise was in place which was called by three players including Chen. When it reached the big blind, the player shoved getting everyone to fold except for Chen who had the player covered. It was a good call for Chen as his 10♥10♠ were way ahead of his opponent’s 9♦6♣. The steal was a dud as the board ran 10♥6♦7♠A♥K♠, giving Chen a set and all the chips in the middle.

6:00pm three consecutive pots for Waldman

Edan Waldman raked in three good pots which began with him shoving on a board of 3♠4♠K♥. This sent his opponent tanking but then opted to call. Waldman had J♠10♠ for a flush draw against his opponent’s 8♠8♦. With the turn of K♥, Waldman was still behind, but with the river of 9♠, he connected with one of the spades and earned a double up.

Next hand, Waldman raised to 1200, was re-raised by a mid player to 2600, then faced a shove by the player who doubled him up in the previous hand. For a good two minutes, Waldman thought about his next move then decided it was best to shove as well. This was good enough to force a fold and it was a showdown. Waldman had A♣K♥ against K♦8♦. The board bricked and Waldman won the pot while serving one the boot.

And he still wasn’t done. On the next hand, Waldman defended his big blind by calling a 1200 raise. At the flop of 9♥2♣6♣, both players checked. At the turn of 4♥, Waldman bet 1400 and was called. Then on the river of 2♠, Waldman continued and laid out 2200. He was called. Waldman won the hand with his 10♠9♦ two pair.

5:30pm More notables at the felt

After 3 hours of play, all the seats are full with a long list of alternates cued up. Among those already at the felt who arrived after the starting buzzer were Victor Chong, Lester Edoc, Fu Bang Huang, Hui Yao, Michael Kim Enriquez, and APPT 2015 Manila Main Event runner-up Per Douglas Olsson. Manila Megastack 2 champion Mike Kim is also roughin’ it up at the felt but is seated at the cash table and mentioned he may join in the main event tomorrow.

5:00pm Bolung big fold against Leonarez

Catching the action on the turn board of 5♣8♠3♠8♣ and a pot of over 20K weighing down the middle, both Sammy Bolung and Jesse Leonarez checked for a freebie river card of K♠. Instantly Leonarez shoved sending Bolung to the tank for a bit until he decided to fold and show his A♥A♣. Leonarez whelped in surprise and kindly showed his cards, K♥8♥ for a full house. Good fold for Sammy!

4:40pm Cold-hearted Choi boots one

With a min raise before him, Kwangyeop Choi called and watched the flop land 6♦8♥2♥. One thing led to another, both players were eventually all in with Choi holding 9♥7♥ open ended flush draw against a player with 8♣8♠ set. With the turn of 9♦, Choi took the lead, then further sealed his win when the river felted a 4♥ for a flush.

4:20pm Roman scoops up a nice pot

Sometimes pots start out very small then all of a sudden, they’ve grown making the win that much more fulfilling. In a recent hand, five players limped in and the big blind opted to check. At the flop of Q♠2♦8♠, a player in mid position bet 1200, immediately followed by Trifie Montebon with a raise to 3500. Luis Antonio Roman on the button called and so did the initial bettor as the others folded. At the turn of 4♣ Montebon continued and fired out 4500 which was called by Roman and the other player in the hand. On the river of 10♥, action was checked to Roman who laid out 9000. He got himself one caller as Trifie opted to give up his hand. Roman won with his Q♣J♠ top pair earning himself a sizable pot.

4:00pm Araniel chipping up

Noel Araniel is starting his day where he left off last night, that is to say, by sending one to the rail. Action began with two limpers, then a raise to 900 by a late position player. On the small blind seat, Araniel three-bet to 2500, found one caller, but the original raiser moved over the top and shoved all his chips in the middle. Araniel snap-called and it was a showdown after the other player folded. Araniel had A♦K♦, his opponent had Q♠Q♣ for a classic 50/50 showdown. The board ran 3♣3♠3♦9♦A♥ giving Araniel the higher full house. He was shipped the pot while railing one in the process.

On the next hand, Araniel chipped up some more when he entered a pot that began with a raise that was called by three players (including Araniel). At the flop of 4♦4♣7♣, action was checked to a player who be 1050 and was called by both Araniel on the button and the big blind player. At the turn of J♠, everyone opted to slow it down and check. Then on the river of J♦, action was checked to Araniel who bet 3000, which found one caller. Araniel took it down with his Q♠J♣ full house.


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