Mega Path is the cheapest and easiest way to win a Platinum Pass. No one believes us. Here’s how to take advantage

November 08, 2019inPoker

Let’s face it.

Of all the ways you can win your way to the PSPC in Barcelona next year, the most eye-catching ones are likely to be the cheapest ones.

It’s not unreasonable to want to know how to get Platinum Pass worth around $30,000 in a way that doesn’t beat your bankroll into submission.

Fortunately, the answer happens to be very simple. And extremely cheap.

It’s called Mega Path. And you can win one for $2. Or 50 Stars Coin.

The cheapest (and easiest) way to win a Platinum Pass?

Now at this stage your “too good to be true” alarm might be on full volume.

There’s no need to check the batteries, it’s working perfectly.

Because obviously, there’s more to it than that.

But if you stick with Mega Path, not only is it the cheapest way to win a Platinum Pass, it has the best odds too. That goes for whether you play low stakes, high stakes, or anything in between.

The latest $2 Platinum Pass winner

Take recent winner Simon Gilles as an example. His MegaPath story is typical. Watch it below…

So that’s three stages, starting at just $2 or 50 Stars Coin.

A one in 20 chance at a $30,000 Platinum Pass

Did you notice the number shown during Step 3 in the video above?

This is where things get really interesting. Not only have you spun up your $2, but the odds of winning are suddenly, and dramatically, shortened.

The reason?

These $1,000 last stage qualifiers are typically played by around 20 players. Sometimes slightly more, sometimes less. .

We don’t want to say it’s easy, exactly, but at best, that would be a one in 20 chance at a $30,000 Platinum Pass.

And if you reach the final table and miss out, we’ll credit you with a $1,000 ticket to try again the following week.

And remember, there are no short cuts to this third and final step. It’s made up of players just like you who started for $2 at Step 1.

Put another way: It might just be the easiest chance you have to win.

Get started on your Mega Path today

If this has made you curious and you want to give Mega Path a try, you can start by heading to the PokerStars lobby. That’s where you’ll be able to play that first step.

When word gets out it’s likely more players will log in for Step 1. So you have a small window to get a head start.

And if you want a little more information, go to the Mega Path homepage.

That’s where you’ll find more about how to play, a few terms and conditions, and details of the PSPC itself taking place in Barcelona in August 2020.



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