MicroMillions 5: Good timing helps kersepit win Event 92, $1+R NLHE (3x-Turbo, Sunday Spark Special Edition)

July 28, 2013

The final day of MicroMillions 5 is finally upon us, which means there’s a whole lot of money on the line for micro-stakes players today. Most of that will come from the Main Event and a special edition of the Sunday Storm later in the day, but the day got started with an excellent chance to warm up in the form of a special edition of the Sunday Spark.

The popular $1 re-buy tournament features a 3x-Turbo structure, meaning it has five-minute levels and gives players 30K in chips if they opt for the add-on at the end of the 90-minute re-buy period. It also normally sports a $25K guaranteed prize pool, but that number was doubled for today’s tournament. That was good enough to draw a field of 11,906 entrants by the time late registration closed. They combined for 54,189 re-buys and 6,628 add-ons to build a total prize pool of $66,177.93, with $9,213.10 reserved for the winner.

The tournament reached its final table at 9:26 a.m. ET, almost five and a half hours after it began, with blinds and antes at 1.4M/2.8M/280K and these nine players still in the hunt:

mm5-092 ft.jpg

Seat 1: TRANZMIT (14,842,030 in chips)
Seat 2: RocknRollaRu (14,900,091 in chips)
Seat 3: MUNICH73791 (14,550,764 in chips)
Seat 4: frankwhale (6,638,561 in chips)
Seat 5: culegator (11,621,023 in chips)
Seat 6: ne_dai_bog (77,427,463 in chips)
Seat 7: kersepit (98,035,587 in chips)
Seat 8: MISTER_TAM22 (23,548,867 in chips)
Seat 9: DonkKick (135,560,614 in chips)

Action, action, action!

There was no lull to start things off. On the very first hand kersepit of the Netherlands raised the minimum to 4.8M under the gun and got calls from Germany’s MUNICH73791 in the cutoff, Romania’s culegator in the small blind, and Russia’s ne_dai_bog in the big blind. A bet on 4.8M on the 7♣ 6♠ 6♣ flop was good enough for ne_dai_bog to win the 21.36M in the middle.

The second hand started off with incoming chip leader DonkKick raising to 5.6M in early position, followed by an all-in raise to 9.23M by MUNICH73791 in the cutoff. DonkKick called with Q♠ 10♠, which was behind MUNICH73791’s A♣ K♦ only until the flop came 6♥ 3♠ Q♦. The 9♦ on the turn and 4♠ offered no relief and MUNICH73791 left in 9th place ($416.92).

ne_dai_bog stacked up further with a 42.38M-chip pot on Hand #6, but a smaller pot on Hand #7 had a bigger influence on the table. DonkKick opened the betting in the cutoff with a minimum raise to 5.6M, which was followed up by an all-in raise to 8.72M by the United Kingdom’s TRANZMIT. Then Australia’s frankwhale called for less from the big blind, all-in for 4.71M. DonkKick made the call and turned up K♣ Q♠, which was ahead of frankwhale’s Q♥ 9♦ but behind TRANZMIT’s 8♦ 8♥. The 2♣ A♠ 5♣ flop and J♦ turn kept TRANZMIT out front, but the Q♦ on the river gave DonkKick the 25.8M-chip pot with a pair of queens, king kicker. That sent the shorter-stacked frankwhale to the rail in 8th place ($661.77) and TRANZMIT out in 7th place ($1,323.55).

Three players at the table were still in danger of busting at any moment. culegator was the worst off with 4.9M chips, or less than two big blinds. Russia’s RocknRollaRu had 8.78M for just over three big blinds, and Brazil’s MISTER_TAM22 had 17.42M for just over six big blinds. Those players’ situations all became even more tenuous when the blinds went up to 1.6M/3.2M on Hand #13 – which happened to be when culegator shoved with A♥ K♠ and doubled through MISTER_TAM22’s 6♦ 6♣ when the board came 10♣ 5♣ K♦ 9♣ 2♠.

The big stacks stole the spotlight on Hand #15, though, as kersepit seized the chip lead in this pot against ne_dai_bog:

RSS readers, please click through for replay

Three hands, three short stacks down

That left the remaining six players in three distinct tiers: big stacks kersepit (167M) and DonkKick (144M); ne_dai_bog (68.98M) alone in the middle; and desperately short-stacked MISTER_TAM22 (9.08M), culegator (4.84M), and RocknRollaRu (2.02M) hoping to catch a few breaks and move up the payscale. Hand #17 saw the first of the shorties hit the rail after RocknRollaRu committed to 4♠ 4♥ and lost out to ne_dai_bog’s K♦ 10♠ on a board of Q♥ 7♦ K♠ 9♣ A♠, busting in 6th place ($1,985.33).

culegator was in the big blind on the next hand but folded to a raise by DonkKick in the small blind, leaving the Romanian player with just 682K. That sum was forced in on the small blind on the next hand with 10♣ 8♣ and fell short against ne_dai_bog’s A♥ 6♦ on a board of A♦ 7♥ Q♦ Q♣ 5♦, sending culegator to the rail in 5th place ($2,647.11).

MISTER_TAM22 was forced all-in for 2.68M on the big blind on Hand #19 with K♥ 7♣ and had to face DonkKick’s K♠ J♦. The board came 5♠ 2♦ 6♥ Q♥ Q♠ and the last of the short stacks was gone in 4th place ($3,308.89).

Denmark vs. Netherlands vs. Russia

The table was now three-handed and the chips were distributed like so:

Seat 6: ne_dai_bog (83,844,099 in chips)
Seat 7: kersepit (156,561,087 in chips)
Seat 9: DonkKick (156,719,814 in chips)

DonkKick and and kersepit were in a virtual tie for the lead and would spend the next 10 hands trading it back and forth. Then ne_dai_bog won a 62.28M-chip pot from DonkKick with Q♦ 10♠ for two pair on a J♦ 5♣ 4♦ Q♥ 10♦ board, bringing the whole table back to within 11 big blinds of each other. But on Hand #36, with blinds and antes now up to 2M/4M/400K, DonkKick pushed ne_dai_bog back down into last with this hand

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With 84.1M ne_dai_bog still had room to maneuver. Sitting in the big blind on Hand #39, the Russian player called kerspeit’s button raise to 16M, as DonkKick had from the small blind, to see a flop of 5♣ 7♣ 5♦. DonkKick led out for 20M and ne_dai_bog called again, but the original raiser got out of the hand and the turn was the Q♥. This time DonkKick moved all-in, prompting ne_dai_bog to fold with 52.1M left.

That hand moved DonkKick back into the chip lead with 198M, ahead of kersepit’s 146M, and three hand later the Danish player had an opportunity to take control. The hand opened with a button raise from kersepit to 8M, followed by a re-raise to 20M by DonkKick in the small blind. ne_dai_bog folded in the big blind before kersepit shoved for 120M, holding 9♥ 9♠; DonkKick quickly called with J♣ J♦ and was better than a 4-to-1 favorite to win the huge 245M-chip pot. But the 5♦ 2♠ 10♣ 9♣ 7♠ board gave kersepit a set of nines, leaving DonkKick with 108M chips.

The new balance held for the next nine hands before ne_dai_bog moved all-in for 31.3M from the small blind on Hand #52 with A♣ 2♦. kersepit made the call in the big blind with K♦ 7♣, took the lead on the Q♠ 7♦ 10♠ flop, and won the pot after the turn and river came 2♥ 4♠ to knock ne_dai_bog out in 3rd place ($4,632.45).

One more to go

DonkKick faced an uphill battle as the heads-up match began:

Seat 7: kersepit (291,616,273 in chips)
Seat 9: DonkKick (105,508,727 in chips)

That didn’t stop the Danish player from making a game of it, though; DonkKick won seven of the first nine pots. The only problem was that the two kersepit won were the most valuable, leaving DonkKick with just 1M chips more than the Dane had held at the start of the final duel. And with a 36.9M-chip win on the tenth hand, kersepit actually dropped DonkKick down to 87.85M. The Dane clawed back over 97M on the next hand but would never chip up any higher.

Finally, on Hand #67 of the final table, kersepit opened for a minimum raise to 9M on the button with A♠ 7♠ and called after DonkKick shoved for 87.4M with 2♣ 2♥. The K♦ 10♣ 6♣ flop was no trouble, but the K♠ on the turn opened up the possibility of DonkKick’s deuces being counterfeited. The 10♦ on the river did just that, bringing the tournament to a close.

A win would have a been a career-high score for DonkKick, but the $6,617 runner-up prize ranked second all-time on the Dane’s list of achievements. For catching a break at the right time and taking advantage, meanwhile, kersepit won $9,213.10 and the pride of being a MicroMillions champion. Not a bad way to end the series!

MicroMillions 5 Event #92: $1+R NL Hold’em (3x-Turbo, Sunday Spark Special Edition
11,906 entrants, 54,189 re-buys, 6,628 add-ons
$66,177.93 prize pool
1,530 places paid

1st place: kersepit (Netherlands) $9,213.10
2nd place: DonkKick (Denmark) $6,617.79
3rd place: ne_dai_bog (Russia) $4,632.45
4th place: MISTER_TAM22 (Brazil) $3,308.89
5th place: culegator (Romania) $2,647.11
6th place: RocknRollaRu (Russia) $1,985.33
7th place: TRANZMIT (United Kingdom) $1,323.55
8th place: frankwhale (Australia) $661.77
9th place: MUNICH73791 (Germany) $416.92

Jason Kirk is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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