MicroMillions 5: kokkie1975 can’t lose in Event #86 ($1 NLHE)

July 27, 2013

The fifth installment of the MicroMillions is in its final stretch.

Things are about to peak with the $22 buy-in, $1 million guarantee main event tomorrow, but today was a bit more simple.

One dollar, one shot, no-limit hold’em, Event #86.

The $1 buy-in event drew 24,239 players, creating a prize pool of $22,057.49. kokkie1975 outlasted all of those players and took the grand prize of $2,221.86. While kokkie1975 took the largest prize, 3,150 players cashed for a minimum of $1.54.

kokkie1975 battled for more than ten hours and managed to hit the final table with the chip lead. Even with that advantage, kokkie1975 lost the lead a few times and faced an uphill battle during the heads-up portion of the tournament.

But kokkie1975 had to survive a few other players at the final table as well.

The final table


Seat 1: SpectralD — 5,707,674
Seat 2: pokkahmunk — 20,149,911
Seat 3: kokkie1975 — 30,387,574
Seat 4: cbygene — 7,204,624
Seat 5: sarcophilus7 — 8,799,196
Seat 6: shalick — 19,084,702
Seat 7: JaiNinpoker — 8,638,252
Seat 8: ATAMAN0609 — 15,851,688
Seat 9: MakcokLV — 6,371,379

With 400K/800K blinds and a 100K ante, a few of the final table participants were a bit short. One of those short stacks moved all-in a few minutes into the final table.

MakcokLV was down to 5.1 million and moved all-in from middle position. pokkahmunk called from the hijack and turned over pocket nines to MakcokLV’s pocket threes.

The 4♦K♠7♥K♣A♦ board missed both players and MakcokLV became the first final table elimination, a finish worth $132.34.

Then we got down to seven.

cbygene started the final table with 7.2 million but was quickly chipped down to 2.4 million. Blinds were the same and pokkahmunk raised to 1.6 million from middle position. cbygene moved all-in for 2.4 million and only pokkahmunk called.

pokkahmunk: A♦3♦
cbygene: A♥J♦

While cbygene had pokkahmunk dominated, a 9♣9♦2♦ flop came to give pokkahmunk a flush draw.

A 7♦ came on the turn and pokkahmunk hit the flush. pokkahmunk neared kokkie1975’s 33.7 million lead with 32.6 million and cbygene was out in 8th, earning $198.51.

Another leader

We had a double up, another elimination and another chip leader. JaiNinpoker was down to 3.4 million and got it in with pocket tens against shalick’s K♦8♦. Tens held up and JaiNinpoker was up to 10.7 million while shalick was down to 16 million.

Then sarcophilus7 moved all-in for 7.3 million a few hands later and shalick called from the button. This time, shalick showed the better hand with A♣Q♥ to sarcophilus7’s A♠10♦.

The board didn’t hit either player and shalick took the pot. sarcophilus7 finished 7th for $309.90, while shalick took the lead with 34.2 million.

shalick held on to that lead as we got down to five players.

The blinds were up to 500K/1M with a 125K ante and pots were getting large. The blinds and antes took their toll on ATAMAN0609, who slowly chipped down from 8.5 million to 2.6 million after our first elimination.

ATAMAN0609 moved all-in from under the gun for 2.6 million and both shalick and JaiNinpoker called from the blinds.

The flop came A♦8♦7♦ and shalick and JaiNinpoker checked. shalick checked again on the 9♠ turn but JaiNinpoker bet 3 million.

shalick folded and the remaining players revealed their cards.

ATAMAN0609: K♣10♥
JaiNinpoker: J♦10♠

ATAMAN0609 was in the lead, but JaiNinpoker hit a Q♦ on the river and took down the pot with a flush. JaiNinpoker was up to 18.7 million while ATAMAN0609 won $441.14 for finishing 6th.

Back to kokkie1975

shalick was in the lead but then kokkie1975 took it back. First shalick dipped to 35 million after doubling SpectralD up to 9 million.

Then kokkie1975 took all of SpectralD’s chips:

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SpectralD finished 5th for $661.72 and kokkie1975 continued to chip up. kokkie1975 was up to 43 million and increased that lead even more after bringing the tournament down to three players.

Blinds had increased to 700K/1.4M with a 175K ante and JaiNinpoker moved all-in for 8.5 million. kokkie1975 called from the small blind.

JaiNinpoker showed pocket sevens and was drawing slim against kokkie1975’s A♦A♥. The board dodged both players and kokkie1975’s rockets increased the lead to 76.8 million.

JaiNinpoker, on the other hand, finished 4th for $882.29.

Cracked rockets

During three-handed play, both shalick and pokkahmunk were far behind kokkie1975. Then pokkahmunk doubled up and took the lead to heads-up play.

pokkahmunk called 1.4 million from the small blind and kokkie1975 raised to 4.2 million from the big. pokkahmunk called and bet 1.4 million on the K♣7♦Q♠ flop. kokkie1975 raised to 7 million and pokkahmunk called, bringing a 9♣ on the turn.

pokkahmunk was left with 17.5 million and put it all-in on the turn. kokkie1975 called and — once again — showed A♦A♥.

The pocket pair was no good against pokkahmunk’s J♦10♠ and kokkie1975 dipped to 45.5 million. pokkahmunk doubled to 58 million and took the lead.

Then the tournament went heads-up.

The next hand, pokkahmunk raised to 5.6 million from the button and shalick called from the big. pokkahmunk bet 12.6 million on the 8♠3♥5♠ and shalick called all-in for 11.8 million.

pokkahmunk showed A♣K♥ and was behind shalick’s 10♥10♠. pokkahmunk hit an A♥ on the turn and shalick finished 3rd for $1,102.87.

Heads up

pokkahmunk — 76,572,230
kokkie1975 — 44,622,770

pokkahmunk had the lead but then kokki1975 evened things out, crippled pokkahmunk and dealt the final blow.

First kokkie1975 evened it out by raising to 2.8 million. pokkahmunk made it 5.6 million and kokkie1975 four-bet to 9.8 million. pokkahmunk called and the flop came A♣10♠6♣.

kokkie1975 bet 11.2 million when checked to and pokkahmunk folded. kokkie1975 was up to 59.1 million while pokkahmunk dropped to 62 million.

Then, two hands later, kokkie1975 doubled up.

kokkie1975 raised to 2.8 million and pokkahmunk moved all-in for 60.9 million. kokkie1975 called all-in for 59.8 million.

pokkahmunk: A♠4♦
kokkie1975: 2♠2♦

The board ran 3♥8♦7♣K♠Q♠ and pokkahmunk was down to 1.1 million. Then things ended the next hand:

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pokkahmunk finished 2nd for $1,639.09 while kokkie1975 became our newest MicroMillionaire champion, a title worth $2,221.86.

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #86 ($1 NLHE) results:

Entrants: 24,239
Prize pool: $22,057.49
Places paid: 3,150

1. kokkie1975 (Netherlands) — $2,221.86
2. pokkahmunk (Netherlands) — $1,639.09
3. shalick (Romania) — $1,102.87
4. JaiNinpoker (Germany) — $882.29
5. SpectralD (Slovakia) — $661.72
6. ATAMAN0609 (Russia) — $441.14
7. sarcophilus7 (Bulgaria) — $309.90
8. cbygene (China) — $198.51
9. MakcokLV (Latvia) — $132.34

There are still a few more MicroMillions events to go. For a list of those events and satellites to each of them, including tomorrow’s $1 million guarantee Main Event, check out the MicroMillions homepage.

Join the madness before it’s over.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars blog.


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