MicroMillions 5: vander9279 vanquishes the storm in Event #97 ($11 NLHE Sunday Storm Special Edition)

July 29, 2013

The weekly storm drew in a big haul today.

vander9279 bested a field of 44,465 players in under seven hours and took $35,600.66 for the achievement. While vander9279 took a large chunk out of the $444,650.00 prize pool, there was still plenty to go around.

Making the final table guaranteed a $1,863.08 payday and a total of 5,625 players cashed for a minimum of $22.23.

But the big money came up top, at the final table. The last player to miss out on that jump was Brazil’s Mr.Matios.

Blinds were 400K/800K with an 80K ante and vander9279 raised to 1.6 million from under the gun. Mr.Matios three-bet all-in for 3.4 million and vander9279 called.

Mr.Matios showed pocket eights and was ahead of vander9279’s 9♦7♠. Then the flop brought vander9279 a nine and then the turn paired vander9279’s seven.

vander9279 started the final table as our chip leader with 61.4 million while Mr.Matios was out in 10th for $1,396.20.

The final table


Seat 1: ANDREAS1S — 24,286,521
Seat 2: HeavyBeat — 3,217,868
Seat 3: PokerPinch — 19,743,047
Seat 4: jnel9 — 40,689,304
Seat 5: Raaadzio91 — 22,840,507
Seat 6: garotoloko — 12,787,702
Seat 7: vander9279 — 61,425,427
Seat 8: Chiliii — 9,237,216
Seat 9: winfall909 — 28,007,408

While the ROI was high, so were the blinds. At 450K/900K blinds, HeavyBeat’s 3.2 million stack didn’t take too long to drop to 1.1 million.

HeavyBet put the remaining 1.1 million all-in from early position and Raaadzio91 re-shoved for 14.8 million from the cutoff.

No other players called and HeavyBeat turned over 4♠3♠ to Raaadzio91’s 6♣6♥. HeavyBeat hit a straight draw on the 2♦9♥A♦ flop, but a five didn’t come and HeavyBeat finished 9th for $1,863.08.

Our next elimination came two hands later when jnel9 raised to 1.8 million from under the gun and Chiliii moved all-in for 6.5 million from the cutoff. ANDREAS1S called while jnel9 folded.

Chiliii turned over pocket tens and was drawing slim when ANDREAS1S turned over A♠A♣.

The board brought no help for Chiliii and the German player finished 8th for $3,170.35.

A contender

vander9279 started with the lead and it only grew as the final table went on. With seven players left, vander9279 had chipped up to 85.8 million and no one was getting close. Then jnel9 knocked out a player and went up to 55.6 million:

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Raaadzio91 finished 7th for $4,659.93 and jnel9 closed in on vander9279.

Unequal distribution

jnel9 then lost a big pot to vander9279 and the eventual champion brought the tournament down to five players.

Blinds were at 500K/1M with a 100K ante and ANDREAS1S raised to 2 million from under the gun. jnel9 called from the cutoff and vander9279 re-raised to 6 million. ANDREAS1S raised to 21.6 million, leaving only 585,737 behind.

jnel9 folded, vander9279 called and the flop came 5♠3♦Q♦ and vander9279 bet 1 million. ANDREAS1S called all-in and showed pocket jacks to vander9279’s pocket aces.

The turn and river bricked for ANDREAS1S and the Polish player finished 6th for $6,709.76. vander9279 on the other hand was up to 129.6 million.

That lead grew even more when vander9279 eliminated garotoloko by cracking his aces with pocket queens.

vander9279 hit a four-card flush and garotoloko earned $10,057.98 for finishing 5th.

A shift

vander9279’s destruction subsided for a bit and PokerPinch managed to pinch off an elimination.

Blinds were up to 600K/1.2M and winfall909 was automatically all-in from the small blind. vander9279 raised to 2.4 million from the button and PokerPinch called, bringing a J♣K♣9♥ flop. PokerPinch moved all-in for 11.1 million and vander9279 folded.

PokerPinch turned over K♥7♠ and was ahead of winfall909’s 7♦5♠.

The turn was a 9♠ and a 10♣ completed the board.

winfall909 finished 4th for $13,410.64 and PokerPinch was up to 16.7 million.

Staying alive

PokerPinch managed to hold on and double up twice against vander9279. In the first one, PokerPinch hit an ace on the turn with A♥9♣ against vander9279’s K♠7♥. The second came with another pair of aces, PokerPinch hit an ace on the flop with A♣2♣ to vander9279’s J♥10♣.

But jnel9 wouldn’t be so lucky after moving all-in.

The hand after PokerPinch’s second double up, vander9279 raised to 2.8 million from the button and jnel9 moved all-in for 24.6 million. vander9279 called with A♣8♦ and jnel9 showed K♣Q♣.

The 6♦10♦3♣7♥4♠ board didn’t give jnel9 any help and the Canadian player finished 3rd for $16,794.43.

Heads up

vander9279 — 189,690,292
PokerPinch — 32,634,708

vander9279 had a dominating lead and things ended quickly:

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PokerPinch finished 2nd for $25,687.43 while vander9279 conquered the storm and came out victorious for $35,600.66.

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #97 ($11 NLHE Sunday Storm Special Edition) results:

Entrants: 44,465
Prize pool: $444,650.00
Places paid: 5,625

1. vander9279 (United Kingdom) $35,600.66
2. PokerPinch (United Kingdom) — $25,687.43
3. jnel9 (Canada) — $16,794.43
4. winfall909 (Canada) — $13,410.64
5. garotoloko (Brazil) — $10,057.98
6. ANDREAS1S (Poland) — $6,709.76
7. Raaadzio91 (Poland) — $4,659.93
8. Chiliii (Germany) — $3,170.35
9. HeavyBeat (United Kingdom) — $1,863.08

The storm is over and the MicroMillions almost is too. We know, it’s sad, but don’t worry, there’s still plenty of poker on PokerStars and all the MicroMillions information you’ll ever need is over on the MicroMillions homepage.

Thanks for being part of another great series, we’ll see you at the next one.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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