Mission accomplished: A new PokerStars player’s success story

September 24, 2015

It’s only been a few short weeks since the PokerStars poker school introduced a new series of challenges that help a completely new player to the game learn how to play and improve their poker skills and reward them as put the effort in. You can read more about the Beginners Bankroll challenge in a previous PokerStars Blog post but in this one we want to focus on a success story. It’s the story of PokerStars player ‘tofsty’ who became the first player ever to complete all fifteen steps of the challenge and accomplish his mission!

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PokerSchoolOnline: Before we chat about the challenges tell us a little more about yourself?

tofsty: My name is Mariano Piedrabuena Spoturno, I’m 35 years old and I’m from Paraná, Argentina. As a professional I’m an International Trade Technician and I started to play poker recently on PokerStars as ‘tofsty’.

PokerSchoolOnline: Tell us why you decided to start playing poker?

tofsty: I first got curious about Poker back in March of this year. I had some free time then so I could play a lot. I’ve have a Brother and a good friend of mine who also play poker so that helped. Soon I realized however that it would also help if I dedicated some time to studying the theory of the game and not just playing. The PokerStars poker school community have been great and my curiosity began to grow even more when I found out about the Beginners Bankroll challenge.


PokerSchoolOnline: OK, so tell us what you found to be so good about these challenges?

tofsty: As a new player it can be difficult to know where to start. The Beginners Bankroll challenge gives you direction putting you on the right path. It also keeps you focused. I believe the Beginners Bankroll Challenge promo makes it interesting to play poker and at the same time it helps you grow as a player. All this while at the same time earning rewards for completing missions which can really boost your bankroll.

PokerSchoolOnline: Did you find the missions easy to accomplish?

tofsty: Definitely yes, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to put effort into it. I believe the missions have an adequate degree of accessibility so that all poker fans can start building a bankroll, and from there start exploring greater challenges. At the same time this leaves a clear message that for us to achieve our goals we have to study, practice, watch videos, and interact with other users, etc.

PokerSchoolOnline: Now that you’ve finished the challenge what’s your conclusion of it?

tofsty: Getting the rewards was great, but more than just boosting my bankroll these missions increased my desire to achieve more and more every day. It also gave me an opportunity to play in tournaments that I would otherwise not have had the chance to. Besides all that, knowing that I was the first ever player to finish all of the missions and that you recognize that with this interview, made me very proud and satisfied.

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PokerSchoolOnline: What advice would you give to new players reading this interview?

tofsty: My advice would be to take advantage of this promotion, besides helping you build up a bankroll it will really help you improve as you acquire important information and new knowledge with each challenge.

PokerSchoolOnline: And finally, what’s the next step for you on your journey into the world of poker?

tofsty: The next step for me is to take the skills I’ve learned at the poker school and use them not just for playing online poker but to also bring them into the live arena. It’s a dream of mine to play in a Latin American Poker Tour main event. I’ve been playing some satellites for the LAPT, unfortunately without success, but with the confidence I’ve now gained I’ll keep perusing that goal knowing that one day my big break will come.

PokerSchoolOnline is the official PokerStars poker school and it’s free to join if you would like to try out this challenge for yourself.


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