MPC Red Dragon Day 1b: Level 5-8 (Blinds 400-800, Ante 100)

January 18, 2013

1.30am: Half the field down

With a couple more table breaks, the Day 1b field has been chopped in half. If we were the kind of people who placed wagers, we would suggest that around 85-90 players will be left standing at the end of the night.

1.20am: Bryan Winning Some Chips

Bryan Huang is one of two remaining Team PokerStars Pros in tonight’s field (Vivian Im being the other). We recently watched Huang take down a handy little pot against one opponent on a 9♠8♥2♦K♦7♠ board. When we arrived at the table it was on the turn and there was already around 13,000 in the middle. Huang had the button and bet 6,500 when his opponent checked. Taking his time, eventually the player called and then checked again on the river. This time Huang moved all in, sliding out his remaining 13,000 in chips. The player opted to let his hand go, sending the pot to Huang who is sitting behind a healthy stack during this late stage of the night.

1.00am: Level Up, Blinds 400-800, Ante 100

12.55am: Hoping Jay Made the Right Fold

“I hope you have Ace-King and I’m making the right fold,” said Jay Tan as she let her cards fly into the muck on the turn of 3♠6♦A♥A♦ board.

We arrived at the hand in question on the flop with one player leading out for 2,800 and with Tan raising it up to 5,900. Tan’s opponent made a slow call and then checked the turn. Tan bet 8,000 here and her opponent moved all in for an extra 13,900. This is when Tan hoped she made the right fold as she sent the pot in the opposite direction of her stack.

12.40am: There Will Be No Number Three

Unfortunately Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin has wandered up to the tournament desk to let us know that her tournament life has come to an end. Apparently Lin was under the gun when she opened it up to 1,300. A middle-position player then flat-called and the dealer turned over a 7♦9♣4♣ flop. Lin led for 2,400 here and her opponent raised it to 7,000. At this point Lin moved all-in for 21,000 and her opponent called.

Lin’s pocket-queens were in front at this point, but her opponent’s A♣7♣ had plenty of outs. The 4♥ on the turn changed nothing, but unfortunately for Lin a 5♣ hit the river,
giving the player a flush and sending Lin to the rail.


Team PokerStars Pro is no longer at the tables of the PokerStars Macua poker room

12.20am: Level Up, Blinds 300-600, Ante 75

12.10am: Break Number Two

The approximately 200 remaining players have been sent on their second 10-minute break of the day.

12am: Shaq Sent Home

The 2011 Asia Player of the Year was partaking in tonight’s action, but has recently found the rail. Hung-Sheng “Shaq” Lin got all his remaining chips in holding 4♠4♦ and unfortunately ran into the 9♦9♣ of an opponent. A 2♣A♦J♦7♦2♠ board wasn’t helpful to Lin and he was sent home. With the elimination of the reigning Asia Player of the Year Yosuke Sekiya yesterday, and Lin’s elimination today, Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang is the last remaining Asia Player of the Year in the field.

11.45pm: Lacey Chops One Up

Prominent female poker personality Lacey Jones is in today’s field and recently got all her chips in against one opponent. The hand in question began when Dan Sing opened up the pot to 900 from early position. Jones must have missed Sing’s raise, because she tried to raise to 1,000 herself. It was deemed that Jones would need to put in the minimum raise to 1,400 for her misclick and the action was then on the big-blind player. This player then raised it up to 3,750 and Sing promptly got out of the way. Jones quickly went all-in and then smiled when her opponent called and turned over A♦K♠. Jones tabled her A♥K♦ and the dealer flipped over a 4♣A♣9♥2♥6♥ board, which changed nothing and sees Jones back to the grind station.


Lacey Jones is at the felt on Day 1b of the MPC: Red Dragon

11.30pm: Level Up, Blinds 200-400, Ante 50

11.25pm: Team Pros Doing Fine

Team PokerStars Pros Bryan Huang and Celina Lin are both seated on the furthermost side of the PokerStars Macau poker room, at least, the furthest away from the media desk. Both of these players are doing fine so far, with Lin hovering around the starting stack and Huang sitting healthily above 20,000 in chips. We recently watched Huang take down a pot with a 2,300-chip bet on the turn of a 7♦2♠9♦3♦ board. The hand in question was against one opponent and there was around 4,000 already in the middle. Huang’s opponent didn’t want to continue and Huang raked up the pot.

11.10pm: The Numbers Are In

The official amount of entrants for today’s MPC: Red Dragon flight is in, with 279 players taking to the felt. Added with the 273 players from Day 1a, that creates a 532-player field – a great improvement on the 391 players who partook in this event in June of last year.
Now on to the important business – the prize pool, which weighs in at HK$5,222,325!

The eventual first-place finisher will of course be going home with the largest slice of that prize pool, with HK$1,123,000 reserved for the champion. It is the top 65 players who will be paid for their time, with the min-cash set at HK$18,300. See below for the all-important final table payouts, and click here to view full prize pool information.

MPC: Red Dragon – Final Table Payouts (in HK$)
1st – $1,123,000
2nd – $784,000
3rd – $462,000
4th – $353,000
5th – $261,000
6th – $209,000
7th – $170,000
8th – $130,500
9th – $104,500

10.50pm: Level Up, Blinds 150-300, Ante 25


Johnny Chan is one of the 279 players who entered here on Day 1b


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