MPC Red Dragon Day 2: Level 16-17 (Blinds 4,000-8,000, Ante 1,000)

January 19, 2013

9.25pm: Time for Dinner

The remaining players have 40 minutes to recharge before getting back to the action!

9.20pm: Okawa and Tan Trade Places

Jay Tan and Yoshitaka Okawa have traded places. Tan’s stack of around 700,000 has been chopped in half, while Okawa is now the beneficiary of a 600,000-chip stack.

The massive hand began with a middle position player open it up with a raise, at which point Okawa three-bet shoved for around 300,000 from late position. Tan was in the big blind and shoved her massive stack over the top. The opening player was out of the way and it was Tan’s Ace-King up against the pocket queens of Okawa. Unfortunately for Tan, and fortunately for Okawa, a board full of low cards was spread on the felt and we have a new chip leader!

9.10pm: Still They Leave, But Not Viv

The last 20 minutes has seen another dozen players hit the rail! We can’t keep up! There are currently 31 players remaining and the dinner break is just around the corner. One player who is still very happily at the tables is Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im. Having finished 3rd in a side event at the Asia Championship of Poker, along with winning the Ladies Event, Im knows what it takes to go deep in tournaments at PokerStars Macau. Im currently has around 300,000 in chips, which is just above the average chip stack.

8.55pm: Down, Down and Up

Just around an hour ago it was Yoshitaka Okawa who held a big chip stack of over 400,000 in chips and the chip lead. Then, Okawa moved to under 200,000 when he lost a big pot holding 8♦8♣ against an all-in opponent’s Q♠J♣. Continuing his ride on the roller coaster, Okawa then managed to move back over 300,000 when his 8♠8♣ stayed in front of an eliminated opponent’s A♥Q♥.

8.40pm: Tan Crushing

Jay Tan can not be stopped lately. Her stack is currently towering above the rest of the field. Tan recently eliminated another player (one of many) when her A♦K♠ was too strong for A♠10♠ in the all-in preflop situation. The board on the hand in question ran out like so – 4♣J♦9♠K♣8♠ – and with that Tan had added to her stack of over 700,000 in chips.


Look at all Jay Tan’s chips… Plenty to smile about

8.25pm: Level Up, Blinds 4,000-8,000

8.15pm: Keep Those Payouts Coming

The pace of the eliminations is unbelievable right now. It has taken less than one level to see the bubble of 65 players move down to just 46 players. Some of those who were eliminated in the firsr round of payouts include Juicy Li (63rd), Wenlong Jin (61st), Wei Fan (55th), Lingling Teng (51st) and Marc Gildar (50th).

It is still unclear if we are playing down to just two tables, or down to the final table, but if the bust-outs keep coming this quick, it is likely we will play down to nine.

8.00pm: Notable Stacks

With around 53 players remaining, there are still plenty of very familiar faces at the tables. Some of these include Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im (360,000 in chips), Jay Tan (340,000), Marcus Lau (190,000), Yvo Molin (185,000), Michael Marvanek (125,000) and Raiden Kan (75,000).

None of the above players (except maybe Vivian Im) can compare to the monster stack of Yoshitaka Okawa. Currently sitting with a stack of over 400,000 in chips, Okawa is easily
the current chip leader!

7.45pm: Money Eliminations Continue

The in-the-money eliminations are continuing at a rapid pace in this level following the bubble. The most recent player to hit the rail fell to the might of Michael Marvanek. The hand in question saw Marvanek open with a min-raise from under the gun. A flurry of cards went into the muck from all directions and it was on the big blind and he committed his few remaining chips. The player’s 6♥3♦ was struggling against Marvanek’s Q♠10♦ and it stayed that way when a Q♦A♣Q♥10♣3♣ board was spread on the felt.

7.30pm: Back To It

The players are back from their break and back at the tables. A flurry of eliminations occurred just before the break, so we are well and truly in the money. Be sure to check out the Payout page to find out where all the players finish and how much cash they earn for their time.

Level Up, Blinds 3,000-6,000, Ante 500


Approximately 60 players are busy inside the walls of PokerStars Macau


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