MPC22: Wu hunting second dragon on Day 1C

March 09, 2015

“It looks like we might get more than the combined entrants from Day 1a and 1b today,” APPT President Danny McDonagh announced to the PokerStars LIVE Macau poker room early on Day 1c of the MPC22 Red Dragon.

And oh how close McDonagh was to being correct.

In the end the 271 entrants on Day 1c was just one player short of equalling the combined entrants from the first two Day 1 flights. That brings the total field to 543 so far and with Tuesday’s Day 1d likely to eclipse Day 1c, you can expect the field to start nearing 1,000 total entrants.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, however, it’s important to praise the exploits of the Day 1c players. Well, at least the 83 who survived and especially the end-of-day chip leader Raymond Wu.


Day 1c chip leader, Raymond Wu

Wu had a great day at the felt, becoming one of the first players to reach six-figures and ultimately going on to bag up 160,000. Wu finished off his day strong when he looked down at pocket kings and eliminated a short-stacked player who held J-8.

There aren’t too many players who have more success at PokerStars LIVE Macau than Wu. He’s posted almost US$450,000 in total tournament results over his career and a large portion of that amount has been right here in Macau.

In fact, Wu is a champion of this very event. He won the Red Dragon in 2010 and has made a good start at winning his second here in 2015.

Some of the others from Day 1c who will be hoping to stop Wu from achieving that feat include France’s Romain Dours, the USA’s Michael Shell, Australia’s Jacob Martin and Team PokerStars Pro Kosei Ichinose.


Japanese Team Pro Kosei Ichinose is in contention

Ichinose made it through Day 1c with 42,800 in chips, which was great considering he was down to just over 10,000 at one point late in the night. Ichinose then found A♥A♣ and ultimately tripled up against K♠K♦ and 8♥7♥.

MPC22 – Day 1c Top Ten
Raymond Wu (Chinese Taipei) – 160000
Romain Dours (France) – 155000
Yong Zhang (China) – 120000
Chunhui Ji (China) – 118400
Yuanji Dai (China) – 117900
Michael Shell (USA) – 115600
Diego Gomez Gonzalez (Portugal) – 95500
Wei Chen (China) – 86800
Jacob Martin (Australia) – 85200
Lkhagvasuren Badamaarag (Mongolia) – 82900

Click here for end-of-day 1c chip counts

Ichinose wasn’t the only Team PokerStars Pro at the tables on Day 1c as he was joined by two-time Red Dragon champ and fellow Team Pro Celina Lin.

Unfortunately, however, Lin won’t be joining Ichinose at the felt on Day 2.

Lin had a roller coaster day that went on the decline when she fell short after running pocket kings into pocket aces. From there Lin eventually moved all in for under ten big blinds with Q♦10♦ and ran into pocket jacks. No help and Lin was on the rail.


No dice for Celina Lin on Day 1c of MPC22 Red Dragon

All the players who did survive Day 1c will now have Tuesday off before returning to the felt for Day 2 from 5:00pm local time on Wednesday. Before then, however, a new batch of players will hit the tables with the fourth and final Day 1 flight kicking off at 7:00pm on Tuesday.

There is no doubt Day 1d is going to be massive, so be sure to join us at the PokerStarsBlog as we continue to provide live updates of the MPC22 Red Dragon.


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