Nanonoko to shoot for world record at PCA

December 22, 2011


Poker players and poker fans flocking to the Caribbean in January 2012 will have the chance to witness the making of poker history. PokerStars Team Online member Randy “nanonoko” Lew has announced that he will be attempting to set or break a Guinness World Record: number of hands played in a certain time period.

“It was an idea that my Team Manager had,” Lew told us, “and it seems like good timing since I just came back from the Macau tournament. And I won.” Typical understated nanonoko. That “Macau tournament” was last month’s APPT Macau Main Event where Lew won his first major live title and close to a half-million dollars in prize money.

A couple of weeks later, the PokerStars staff broke new nanonoko news in a thread on TwoPlusTwo entitled, “Help Choose Randy ‘nanonoko’ Lew’s World Record Attempt!” The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure will be the theater in which the record-setting performance is staged, and the poker public has been given the chance to determine the nature of the record up for grabs. There were essentially just two rules for the submissions:

1) The record must be poker authentic (and preferable online poker authentic)
2) The record must be easily understood by the public.


During the days following the initial post, the forum exploded with ideas covering an enormous breadth of plausibility and intrigue. Suggestions ranged from ‘most flushes made in an hour’ to ‘most money won underwater’ to ‘multi-tabling 24 full-ring cash games — live!’ One recurring theme were ideas centering around the ‘most hands played in X hours’, and that seems to suit nanonoko’s playing habits well. Here are some of the other provocative suggestions lining the pages-long thread:

  • andy099: “24 hours, 24 tables, no break”
  • stabbyah: “Most opponents defeated in 1 hour of heads up sit & go’s.”
  • boldnbet: “24 tables running on a treadmill 10 miles”
  • PierreMcGuire: “nanonoko is all about consistency… so most consecutive winning hours xx tabling.”
  • peking: “Most hands played under water in the Atlantic Ocean.”
  • spill: “most bad beat stories listened to in one day (every PCA elimination, random passer-by, cash-game pro, and poker enthusiast in the crowd relates their horror stories). he must feign interest and sympathy, on camera”
  • icantthinkofaname: “Have him play a certain number of hands profitably while parasailing.”
  • ramdeebam: “Greatest distance traveled on foot while playing poker.”
  • For his part, nanonoko seemed game for whatever challenge the record books present him.

    “I would be up for something that was endurance-based,” he jumped at the question. In the next breath, though, he mitigated that comment by adding, “but it might not work very well at the PCA. I like the idea of doing a straightforward challenge, because it has to be clear for the Guinness World Records. Nothing too crazy or fancy.”

    Nanonoko will have to balance the record with playing a full schedule of events over the course of the ten-day festival in Paradise. “It’ll be tiring, I’m sure,” he said without a hint of concern in his voice. “I love the resort, though, to be honest. They got a lot of good food choices there, and the beaches, and the watermark. You really don’t have to leave the resort. At the PCA, you can do everything right there on the resort.”

    Just a couple of days ago, PokerStars made the announcement: “On January 8th in the main tournament room at the PCA, Randy ‘nanonoko’ Lew will attempt to set the record for the most hands of online poker played in a certain time period. The starting time and length of the record is to be determined.”

    Right now, Lew says he’s game for six or twelve hours.

    Stay tuned. We’ll be on hand to cover the attempt next month at Atlantis.


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