New year for Twitter Poker League

January 12, 2011


A new year, and with it a new season of the Twitter Poker League with 1,119 players turning out for the first event of the fifth season. “Widush” was the winner this week, and walked away with $191.12 for first place as well as 20 points on a brand new leaderboard. As ever we had a few volunteers to be bounty players for the night, with 100FPP on each of their heads “PJHoutman”, “AlexRules07”, “3xBB” and “xTheCouzx” saw more than the usual #tpoker action.

Bounty player “xTheCouzx” was telling us all on twitter (@TheCouz) that he was pretty tired over in Japan, but I don’t think anyone can blame him for shoving his K♦ on the flop of J♣ 10♦ 9♦, sadly though the turn was an unlikely K♣ and the river 3♣ was of no help. “Blueblue500” showed J♦ Q♣ for a straight, Nine to King to knock him out and claim the first 100FPP bounty of the night.

A four way all-in lead to “3xBB” aka. @ajcairns being eliminated despite making two pair on the flop, and 100FPP was awarded to “Stoni2712” who made the bigger of the two flushes in that hand.


“Guindaia” rivered a flush with J♥ 9♥ to beat the K♣ K♠ of PJHoutman (@PjotrFolds) and claim one of the 100FPP bounties for himself.

AlexRules07 (@AlexRules07) was involved in an interesting pot when his bounty was claimed, his pocket tens were unable to hold against the K♥ 10♥ and K♠ 5♠ of “LOSC ARMY88” and “oscaralas” on a board of K♣ 2♦ A♥ 9♠ 9♥ and he finished in 231st. Just like the pot, we split the bounty and award both players 50FPP.

After the second break of the game came to a close we were only 8 people away from the money, 162 players were paid in total and were also awarded at least 5 points for the leaderboard. Everyone who takes part in the twitter poker league receives 1 point, you get 5 points if you make the money and should you be lucky enough to reach the final table there are even more points for you. All the points across the 8 week season are used to crown the champion and award $2,100 worth of bi-monthly prizes.

Our final 9 players that fought hard over those leaderboard points and the remaining prize money were: “Gobbluecp66”, “Sharoun”, “Weboscolgand”, “Jojase”, “Widush”, “Tiscali1”, “Borciu”, “Joseli10″and bounty winner “LOSC ARMY88”. It was a slow and steady final table, with good solid poker from everyone. Our favourite hand was also the final hand of the evening.


“Widush” slow played his flopped full house wonderfully, “gobluecp66” was certain that he had the best hand on the river as he re-raised all-in, but was snap called by this week’s winner, and now current league leader. Congratulations to all who made the final table this week, here are the results in full:

Widush (Vrable) $191.12
Gobluecp66 (Charlotte) $139.87
Borciu (Debica) $106.19
Sharoun (Topkanovo) $76.09
Ticasli1 (Zuidholland) $55.39
Weboscolgand (Albacete) $44.20
Jojase (Zaragoza) $33.01
Joseli10 (Motril) $21.82
LOSC ARMY88 (Tournai) $12.08

That’s it for this week in the Twitter Poker League, well done all. Registration is now open for next week, tourney ID: 349072851. We look forward to seeing you all again.


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