Omaha Week: The aftermath

May 31, 2016

What a week this has been!

I didn’t know what to expect going in. I’d never played a PLO tournament and certainly never been coached on live stream before. It started off with some lessons from Lex and Roy. It was a fun experience to learn something new in front of an audience. I felt like a total amateur, but the fans we’re very supportive, and I think it was a great learning tool for them as well. We got to review a lot of my hands, and it was helpful to get the followers comments and perspective on them. Some even got a chance at sending their own hands for us to look at. My time spent on Omaha-8 with Adrienne (TalonChick) on Friday was so enlightening. I’m not certain I’ll get to use her tips on a regular basis, but I definitely feel more well rounded now. I played mostly Zoom 50pl all week. Just like anything new, I made a lot of mistakes, corrected some, made some more and improved a ton along the way.


We worked hard with one goal in mind: the $1,000 High Roller tournament on Sunday. Everybody following us could enter a raffle that gave away 15 x 5%. 75% total of my action was freerolled by the fans.

We started off well and won most pots we entered in the first three hours, good enough to put us in the top five in chips for a while. Once in the money, I gambled on huge draw (I included two Boom Hands below) that would’ve given me the chip lead with 18 left. I ended up finishing 13th for $2,354, so close from the $47,000 on top. It was so cool to feel the support from the fans and win them some money, I wish I could’ve take down the title for everybody.

The week is now over, and it’s mission accomplished. We fulfilled the goals we set for ourselves prior to the week, and we learned valuable lessons about playing solid Omaha. Thanks again to my coaches, Lex, Roy, and Adrienne, I can now feel comfortable playing PLO events in next WCOOP/SCOOP or maybe even chase a WSOP bracelet next month. I hope our followers had as much fun as I did. Maybe mixed game is next?


Marc-Andre Ladouceur is a member of Team PokerStars Pro Online



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