One week, two wins for Spraggy

August 02, 2019inPoker

Is Spraggy’s the no.1 Twitch stream? He’s certainly making a great case for it, winning two tournaments this week live on his channel.

Sometimes Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg is heated:

Other times, he’s happy.

And while we love that wrestling GIF, we prefer the happy Spraggy.

The first reason for his current contentment came on Tuesday night, when he took down a $44 Progressive Knockout tournament on PokerStars for $709 plus $935 in bounties, outlasting a 194-player field.

Spraggy held the chip lead when they were down to six, and added to his stack after this hand:

Things got really fun when they were down to three-handed. Spraggy held an enormous chip lead, and was excited to have both remaining players covered holding A♠Q♠ in a three-way all in.

Problem was, they both had real hands.

That didn’t effect his dominant position though, and he’d end up taking it down by outkicking his opponent.

Two evenings later and Spraggy was spending his Thursday evening back on the grind.A $109 Progressive Knockout was on the menu, which got 92 entries.

He set himself up well for the FT, KOing the final player on the final table bubble.

Things went for good to great, particularly when he could just “sit back and relax” with quad aces.

And a massive cooler set him up for his second victory in three days.

For that win, Spraggy banked $1,106 plus $1,156 in bounties.

Keep it going Spraggy. Now let’s take a look at that GIF one more time.

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