P1 Million: Day 1b updates

October 24, 2015

This is the final day one flight of the P1 Million Guarantee Main Event. Play has been underway, and late registration has closed. Here are random updates to give you a glimpse of some of the action at the felt. There were a total of 198 entries today. Good luck to all the remaining players!


8:05pm: Day 1b is in the books! Kim on top!

Mr. Young Chull Kim lands on top at the end of day 1b with 208,600 chips. A total of 36 players made the cut and will be returning for one last battle for the finish line. Congratulations to all the qualifiers!

8:00pm: De Leon eliminates Villamar

P1M Guarantee Timothy de Leon
Timothy De Leon went from rags to riches and eliminated Francis Villamar. Ironically, it was Villamar who was trying his best to eliminate De Leon when De Leon had a very short stack, however, the poker gods were on De Leon’s side and after doubling up several times, he had enough to be a threat. De Leon shoved with A♦9♥ and Villamar called for his tournament life with queen-ten offsuit. The board ran blanks and De Leon’s hand held up.

7:50pm: More chips for current leader Kim

From what we heard, Mr. Kim has been unbeatable at the table for some time. He slid into the chip leader’s seat quietly and unfortunately we missed the hand. We happened to catch one of his late wins when he called an all in by a short stacked player. The other big stack at his table, Pasi Heinanen also called and they went to see a flop of A♥7♦J♣. Mr. Kim bet 7k and Heinanen called for the start of a side pot. On the turn of 6♣, Mr. Kim bet 19k and this was enough to claim the side pot as Heinanen folded. Mr. Kim revealed his hand, J♠J♦, for a set. The all in player mucked before the river and Mr. Kim won the hand.

7:45pm: Bullets for Marquez boot two

Ray Christian Marquez was all in with two others also vying for a triple up. However, Marquez had A♥A♠, way ahead of K♦J♣ and A♣3♣. The board bricked and Marquez scooped up all the chips.

7:20pm: Issa doubles up but still short

Almond Cabral hoped to eliminate short stacked Jean Issa from the tournament but his K♠8♠ would fail him against Issa’s Q♣J♠. The board ran 2♦Q♠4♠Q♦4♦ giving Issa a full house.

7:15pm: Zhang vs Sin

Although Yang Zhang qualified yesterday, he was at it again today to try and get a better stack for tomorrow’s final day. In a hand against In Sin, and a pot of around 23k weighing down the middle, Zhang bet 11,500 on a completed board of 9♠6♣Q♠9♦8♥. This sent Sin straight into the tank until he eventually folded while showing his Q♦J♦ top pair.

7:00pm: Perez outplays Montebon

Intense hand between John Perez and Trifie Montebon with the board showing 7♣2♣3♦. Perez bet 9k and Montebon check-called. At the turn of 6♦, Montebon checked again and Perez tanked for a long time until the one minute clock was called on him. Perez checked. Then on the river of 4♣, Montebon changed it up and bet 12k. Perez answered back with a shove and Montebon quickly folded.

6:55pm: Wong rails Dimaano

Another short stack falls. This time it was Ronald Dimaano whose A♣2♣ could not get lucky against KC Wong’s A♥J♦, and bowed out.

6:50pm: Final Break

We are having the final ten-minute break. When players return they will have one more hour left to play today. According to the screen, 54 players remain.

5:30pm-6:15pm: Short stacks shoving

There is only one move when you have a short stack, to shove. With many players still in the field, there are an average of three short stacks per table. Some short stacks doubled up, some didn’t, and some weren’t called.

Diane Tan survived with her J♥9♠ besting A♦3♦. She doubled up to around 11k, but still way below average stack. Two other short stacks also double up at her table right after.

At another table, Judee Mendoza laid down her pocket nines to a short stack shove. She may have been afraid of a coin flip or that he had her already beat. She would have been severely crippled if she lost the hand. However, she did call Richard Marquez’s cheaper all in. Marquez had A♥Q♦ and Mendoza had K♥J♦. The board landed a pair for Marquez and doubled up to only 7500, still way below average.

On the winning side of the bigger stacks, Trifie Montebon eliminated a short stack with his ace-eight over king-queen. Steve Moon couldn’t catch his straight with his 3♣4♥ and fell to John Riad’s A♣5♦. The shove was on the flop of 5♥5♠7♥. The turn of J♣ and river of 2♣ were not what Moon was looking for and he was out. Same fate for Pete Chen who had 3600 left and shoved with Q♦7♦. He was called by a player with A♣K♠ which was ahead the whole way. Derek Baker took one down as well with his pocket kings.

5:20pm: 198 entries for day 1b

Late registration is over. It is official, there were 198 entries for day 1b. We shall have the prize pool breakdown shortly. There are 106 remaining players. We are now at the freeze out stage of the tournament.

5:00pm: Chip update

With over 100 players still in the field, Maria Cristina Argao and John So have the biggest counts of over 70k each.

4:30pm: Ivanov’s aces cracked

Catching the action on a board of J♦4♥Q♠A♥, Anton Ivanov’s chips were all in the middle with Wen Peng Dei having him covered. Ivanov had pocket aces for a set and Dei had ten-nine for open ended. The river landed a K♠, not the card Ivanov wanted to see. He quickly left the scene while Dai was awarded the chips for his straight.

4:15pm: Tan wins another

Steve Tan won another hand shortly after his unexpected win. Action began with a raise to 1500 which was called by three players including Tan on the small blind. At the flop of Q♠2♣7♦, everyone checked. At the turn of 2♦, Tan bet 1500 and got one caller. On the river of J♥, Tan checked, his opponent bet 4200, and Tan called. Tan won the pot without having to reveal his cards as his opponent mucked.

4:10pm: Tan can’t believe it

With late registration creeping up, short stacks are getting it in the middle to either double up or re-enter with a bigger stack. For short stacked Steve Tan, things turned out much better than he expected.

The hand he was in began with Tan limping in from the utg seat. After him, another player limped, and then Pete Chen shoved with his remaining 6975 chips. When action landed on sb player Alan King Lau, he took a bit of time to decide on his move and then decided to flat-call the shove. But more action ensued with the big blind player also all in for 8500. The betting orbit was now back to Tan who called and so did Lau. At the flop of 2♥3♣J♣, Tan and Lau checked, as well on the turn of 5♠. But on the river of J♠, Tan dumped his remaining 400 chips in and Lau called.

Now it was time for the showdown. Lau turned over A♣10♥ which was no good against Tan’s 2♣9♣ bottom pair. To his shock, the two players all in, Chen and the bb player, both mucked and left the table giving him a nice big pot and a disbelieving chuckle. He couldn’t believe he won with his bottom pair.

4:00pm: Heavy betting goes to Dai

With blinds up, betting seems to be getting a bit heavy. In this hand, Diane Tan led out with a 1250 raise and was called by four players. At the flop of A♠7♥8♦, action checked to Wen Peng Dai who bet 5600. He was called by one player, and both went to see the turn of A♦. Dai fired out again, this time 15k, and it was good enough to win the hand.

3:50pm: Issa exits in disbelief

Jean Issa was all in with another player on a board showing K♦K♥5♠. Issa had K♠2♠ against K♣8♦. Looking like a possible split pot, the turn of 5♦ gave both players a full house. By this time, it almost seemed certain to be a split, but when the river felted 8♣, Issa was railed in disbelief. He went straight to registration to get back in the game.

3:40pm: No backing down for Sin

Sometimes no matter how heavy the betting gets, some players just know it is worth the gamble. In a recent hand, after a player limped, In Sin raised to 750 and was called by three players including the limper. At the flop of 6♦A♥5♠, Sin bet 1k but the player to his immediate left, raised it up to 5k. Two players got out of the way and Sin called. The turn of 9♠ saw more action with Sin checking and his opponent shoving his last 8425 in the middle. Sin called, and at the showdown, he was ahead with A♣Q♣ against A♠J♥. The river of 2♦ kept Sin ahead for the win and the boot of another player in the field today.

3:30pm: Riad chipping up

John Riad is sitting with a nice healthy above average stack after winning a hand with his ace-three on board that gave him trips on his lower card. Riding the momentum, Riad raised double his next hand and found three callers to join him at the flop. The board ran 6♥9♥3♦. Action checked to him, he bet 1500, and with that, won another pot with no one calling.

3:00pm: Sombero and more; over 120 players

P1M Guarantee Wally Sombero
Previous P1M winner Wally Sombero has just arrived. Other latecomers today were Derek Baker, John Riad, Jung Keun Kang, Kwee Ang Boon, and Jester Intia to mention a few. We have 120 entries so far which means the prize pool is now over P1.2M and climbing.

2:35pm: Mendoza boots two

Judy Mendoza just made a killing (two, to be accurate) at her table. We caught the action at the flop with her and two other all in. The board was K-7-4. When their hole cards were revealed, Mendoza had 7-4 for two pairs, another had pocket queens, and the third had ace-queen. The turn and river kept her safe and since she had both players covered, she scooped up all their chips and sent them packing.

2:25pm: White out

Anthony White was already on a re-entry ticket early in the tournament and once again, found himself back on the rail. During the hand, he raised it up to 350 and was called by both the players on the blinds. At the flop of 2♣9♦3♣, action was checked to him and he bet 750. Action was sent back to the sb player(doesn’t want to be named) who check-raised to 1500, bb folded, and White responded with a three-bet to 3500. He was called. At the turn of 6♦, sb checked, White shoved, and it was snap-called. White had A♣A♦ and was sorely behind the sb’s 4♠5♠ straight. With the river of 4♥, White got up and left the field.

2:20pm: More chips for Alexandrov

With a pot of around 7k already in the middle, and a board of 6♠2♠Q♥, Nicolai Alexandrov and Edward Penaflorida called a 2k bet by a player in mid-position. At the turn of 5♣, everyone checked. Then on the river of 3♦, Alexandrov laid out what seemed like a test bet of 2k which was called by both his challengers. Alexandrov revealed his A♠A♣ and took down the pot.

2:10pm: A nice pot for Peralta

In a six-way limped pot, the board ran 7♦4♠5♣. Action checked to the utg player, Sam Peralta, who bet 550. He was called by only two players, the sb and the bb. At the turn of 6♦, it was checked all around. Then on the river of 9♥, the blinds checked to Peralta who slid out 1500. The sb player called him and mucked her hand when she saw his 8♥8♣ straight.

2:00pm: Dalida rails one

Chris Dalida is enjoying some playing time. He called a player’s all in and was ahead with A♥K♥ against A♦7♦. The board ran 4♦J♥10♥9♥5♠ giving Dalida a flush of hearts and a nice pot to add to his stack.

1:55pm: Reyes is back

Regie Ann delos Reyes still seemed stumped by yesterday’s bust out but as soon as she sat down at her table today, she quickly went back to work. With a player raising it up to 550 preflop, she three-bet to make it 1200, and with that, she won the pot.

1:50pm: Lau vs Montebon

While we were watching the action on the other table, we caught the end of a hand just beside them, it was between Alan King Lau and Trifie Montebon. With 2375 already in the middle and a board showing A♣K♣2♠5♥4♦, Lau won with his K♦10♣ as Montebon mucked.

1:45pm: Aquino’s set boots one early
Catching the action at the flop of 6♦Q♦4♠, Sangjun Shin shoved, Raul Aquino quickly followed suit, and Raphael Bulaong folded with a slight bit of reluctance. At the showdown, Shin had K♠Q♣ for top pair but Aquino had 6♠6♣ for a dominating set. The turn and river were no help to Shin and Aquino was awarded the pot along with all of Shin’s chips. Bulaong expressed that he folded pocket aces.

1:30pm: Alexandrov doubles up

In a four-way raised pot preflop, the dealer spread A♣6♦8♣ on the felt and sb player Edward Penaflorida kicked off the betting round with 625. Acting next was Nicolai Alexandrov who called, one folded, while the button player gave it a boost to make it 3k to continue. Penaflorida opted to fold but Alexandrov wasn’t going anywhere and he pushed all his chips in the middle. He was quickly called and it was a showdown. Alexandrov had A♦6♥ two pairs while the other had 6♣7♣ for bottom pair and a flush draw. The turn of 7♥ and river of 3♠ were good for Alexandrov as his hand held up for a sweet double up. He now has close to 30k.


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