P1M Guarantee- March: PS Live Manila Day 1a Updates

March 11, 2016

Action is underway at the PokerStars Live Manila poker room at City of Dreams Manila for day 1a of the P1M Guarantee Main Event. They will be playing a total of 14 levels with late registration / re-entries open for four hours. Blind duration is 30 minutes. For those looking to get in, buy-in is P5,000. We will be posting random updates on some of the action on the floor as well as some of the chip counts as we get closer to the end of the day.


10:30PM: Day 1a ends with Colclough in the lead

Day 1a has ended with Dave Colclough bagging the most chips, 227,700. There were 28 players out of the 168 entries who survived the day.

10:15PM: Hoyt ends the night with a straight flush, burns Beveridge’s aces

John Beveridge went all in on top of Nicholas Hoyt’s raise and Hoyt called for his tournament life. Hoyt had 10♦4♦ and Beveridge had A♦A♥. The board ran a crazy J♦7♦A♣9♦8♦ and despite Beveridge having the nut flush, it wasn’t good enough against Hoyt’s straight flush. Hoyt doubled up at the last hand of the night.

10:00PM: Colclough keeps climbing


Dave Colclough won two sizable pots to bring him over the 200k chip mark. He earned a pot against Nicholas Hoyt with his 9♦7♦ hitting trips against Hoyt’s pocket jacks. Following that, he went up against Rommel Angeles and won the hand on the river without a challenge.

9:45PM: Lang doubles up again

Thomas Lang earned another double at his table when his J♦10♣ landed trips against A♥K♥. From his once ailing stack, he is now well into the average stack range.

9:30PM: A massive pot for Colclough

Dave Colclough has been biding his time waiting for that big one and it arrived. He was all in with two other players, one of whom was Kim Young So who covered Colclough. The hands were Colclough A♦K♦, So K♥K♣, the third player had 10♣10♥. The board ran Q♣6♦4♦J♦8♦, and Colclough bagged a big one and climbed to around 150k.

9:15PM: De Caro doubled up by Chen

Limper Stefano De Caro mustered up the guts to put his tournament life on the line after Zhinning Chen three-bet a player’s raise. Chen called and their cards were revealed, Chen had A♥K♣ and De Caro had 5♠6♠. The board ran 10♠8♠6♥J♥3♦ and with that, De Caro doubled up to around 80k.

9:00PM: Hii Kiong Wang eliminates Dimaano

With 4 players in on an unraised pot preflop, the flop landed 5♦2♠4♠. The first three players checked, Ronald Dimaano bet 5k, and was called by two players, one of whom was Hii Kiong Wang. At the turn of 2♦, Wang led out for 12k, Dimaano moved all in, the other player in the hand folded, and Wang called. Dimaano had 7♣7♠ two pairs and Wang had 10♣2♣ for trips. The river of Q♠ sent Dimaano to the rail and Wang’s already big stack grew even larger. Immediately after, Wang lost some chips to Thomas Lang who turned up two pairs with a J♦5♦.

8:30PM: Lang chips down Pitkanen; Pitkanen doubles up twice

Thomas Lang and Markus Pitkanen were all in preflop with Lang holding A♣7♠ and Pitkanen with A♠K♣. The board landed a seven giving Lang a pair and Fisher packed up to leave only to find out he had 200 left, enough for one ante. Pitkanen sat back down and proceeded to double up twice and reached around 7500 chips. Looks like he is still in and is in search of a spot to double up again.

8:00PM: Kim Young So eliminates Iwasaki

Teruo Iwasaki was the next one to fall at the hands of Kim Young So. Having recently moved to a new table, So showed his new tablemates exactly why he had a nice big stack. After Dave Colclough raised on the utg seat, Iwasaki moved all in with 30k chips and So flat-called. The rest of the table opted to fold, even the initial raiser Colclough, and it was a showdown. Iwasaki had A♥Q♥ and to everyone’s shock, So had 3♥4♥. The board ran 4♦3♦9♣J♣10♥ and with two pairs, So sent Iwasaki to the rail while the table still sat in disbelief. Two hands later, So showed he was beatable when he lost a pot to Wei Cheng Chen.

7:30PM: Kim Young So plays seven in a row

Catching the action at one of the tables, Kim Young So railed played the seven consecutive hands until his table was broken. Out of the seven hands, he won an impressive five hands while railing two players, one of whom was James Mendoza. It began with So railing a player with his pocket sevens besting pocket threes. He lost the next hand after folding at a flop bet. He followed it up by recovering his lost chips and more with his A♥K♦ winning on a rag board. Next hand, he muscled two players out of a pot when he raised on a board of 10♥5♥8♣6♣ that had the other two players in the hand opting to fold. He lost the next one when he folded to a bet on the river. Then he won the next two hands with the last one landing all of Mendoza’s chips. So had J♠9♥ on a board of Q♠3♦9♣J♣4♦. He pushed all in on the river and Mendoza called with all his chips and mucked when he saw So’s two pairs.

7:00PM: Rockets hold for Jonathan Sy

Jonathan Sy was all in with aces and was up against a player with pocket nines. Sy’s aces held up and shipped in a double up.

6:45PM: Registration closed, 169 entries

Late registration / re-entries has closed with 169 entries in the books. With that number, the prize pool is already over P700K with one more day one flight tomorrow. It is quite certain the guarantee will be surpassed, the question is, by how much? There are 88 players left in the field.

6:30PM: Wijoyo cracks Liew’s aces

It was an all in preflop action at table 4 with two players all in, Jack Lieu and Adi Wijoyo. Wijoyo had K♥Q♦ and his Liew had the hole nuts A♥A♣. The board ran 10♣7♣A♦J♥4♣, and Wijoyo rejoiced at his winning straight, avoiding elimination and doubling up to around 25k.

6:00PM: Todio flops it to burn one

Narciso Todio decided to go ahead and call a short stacked player’s all in of 6175 and it was a lucky one for him. Todio had Q♥J♥ and was up against K♥Q♦. The board was kind to Todio as it ran 10♥9♣8♦ giving him a quick straight. The turn of K♠ and river of 10♣ kept him on top and he scooped the pot and railed one in the process.

5:45PM: Marzan rails three, climbs to over 125k

Edwin Marzan delivered a painful blow to three players in a four-way all in action on a flop of 10♥9♠4♥. Marzan had 10♠9♥ two pairs against players with J♣8♣ straight draw, and two overpairs, J♦J♥ and Q♦Q♠. The turn of 5♠ and river of 3♦ sealed the win and he shipped in a massive pot over 125k.

5:30PM: Sin’s sevens good for a straight

In Sin seemed afraid when Cecilio Hodreal bet 1500 into a board of 8♣6♣5♦4♥A♣. He asked Hodreal if he had a flush. Still, Sin decided it was worth the call and matched the 1500. Sin won with his 7♣7♥ straight and Hodreal mucked.

5:15PM: Bernatia’s queens knock one out

On a board of 8♣2♥8♦, Jayson Bernatia called a player’s all in and it was a showdown. Bernatia was ahead with Q♦Q♣ against A♦9♦. The board ran dry 3♣ turn and 8♥ river, and Bernatia was shipped all the chips for his full house as the other got up to leave.

5:00PM: Jae Chang wins a pot full of change

With 6 players in on an unraised pot, it was certain, the eventual winner was guaranteed a sizable pot with blinds still quite low. The dealer revealed the flop of 9♠5♥7♣ and quickly, small blind player Sun Young Yoon bet 600. He was called by three players one of whom was Jae Chul Chang. At the turn of J♥, everyone checked to button player Chang who bet 1850 and found himself one caller in Yoon. The river of 7♦, had both players slow to a check and Chang won with his J♣9♣ two pairs.

4:45PM: Dai lands a straight against Issa

Wen Peng (Eric) Dai went head to head against Jean Issa in hand that began with a raise Issa of 525 preflop that Dai called. At the flop of 10♦8♠6♣, Dai checked to Issa who be 750 and Dai smooth called. The turn of 4♠ had both players check. The river of 3♣ had them betting again, this time with Dai taking the initiative and laying out 1375. Issa called and Dai won with his 5♦7♠ straight.

4:30PM: Big stacked Iwasaki

By the looks of his stack, Japan’s Teruo Iwasaki must have already taken down several pots and probably even eliminated a player. In a hand we caught on our trip to the floor, Iwasaki scooped another nice pile to add to his towers when he landed a straight with his A♠2♣ on a board of 3♦J♥4♠5♦3♥.

4:00PM: Ongkowidjaja doubled up by De Caro

Budiman Ongkowidjaja from Indonesia got all his chips in the middle, a total of 6475, and Stefano De Caro from the USA quickly called. Ongkowidjaja had pocket fives and De Caro had pocket queens. When the board landed a five on the flop, Ongkowidjaja overtook De Caro and took it to the end for a double up.

3:30PM: More notables at the felt

More players have made their way to the Main Event. Side event winner James Mendoza is in the battlefield, the Anniversary Special champion, Jean Issa has also taken his seat, and other notables such as Lester Edoc and Dave Colclough are also shaking things up.

3:00PM: Notables at the felt

The cards are in the air, play has begun, and already the numbers are climbing with over 100 entries punched in. Among those at the felt are Gerald Casey, Jae Chang, In Shin, SJ Kim, Srinivas Polishetty, Regie Ann Delos Reyes, Richard Marquez, Martin Corpuz, and Mike Kim Enriquez.


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