PAGCOR Chairman’s Cup: Final table, levels 23 and 24 (20,000-40,000, 4,000 ante)

March 25, 2010

6.47pm: Break time
That’s the end of the level. Players are now on a 15 minutes break.

6.45pm: Got there on the river
Terrence Chan raised from the button and was called by Gordon Huntly in the small blind. It was checked to the river where the board read 2♥A♣10♣4♦3♥. Huntly led for 350,000 and after some careful consideration Chan called, but mucked upon seeing Huntly’s K♦5♥ for a straight that had got there on the river.

6.40pm: Short delay
After another short break for promo material we’re playing again. Seven minutes remain in the level.

6.30pm: Sunny Jung, eliminated in fifth place, earning $54,700
After losing that big pot previously Sunny Jung was left with 570,000 and all of it was soon in the middle. Gordon Huntly was sat in the big blind and when he looked down at K♦K♣ he made the easy call. Jung tabled 8♣8♠ and the board ran A♠9♥10♥A♣7♥. We’re down to four players.

6.20pm: Binh Nguyen has been winning
Binh Nguyen takes a pot worth 1,600,000 against Sunny Jung. On a board of Q♥6♠K♣5♥9♣ Jung bet 250,000 which Nguyen raised to 650,000 total. Jung thought for some time before announcing call – Nguyen showed a pair of nines for a set on the river.

Nguyen extends his chip lead with more than 4,000,000.

6.15pm: Playing
Armed with his new found wealth Charles Chua just played his first flop of the final, although not for long. Gordon Huntly saw it with him, 3♠Q♣10♣ and bet 100,000, enough to make Chua fold.

6.10pm: Chua on a charge
Charles Chua doubles up to more than 1,000,000 after moving all-in with Q♥J♥ and getting called by Terrence Chan holding 8♣8♥.

The board came 3♣Q♠7♦4♣3♥ to keep Chua in the game. “Now we can play,” he said.

6.05pm: Look happy everyone
After a short break to film some promo stuff play has now resumed.

5.50pm: What’s there to see?
Charles Chua is still in, still fighting after a string of uncontested all-ins this afternoon. “I haven’t seen a flop yet,” he said a pal on the rail. “Four hours and I haven’t seen a flop.”


Charles “Mr Macau” Chua

5.45pm: Choon Kwang Lim eliminated in sixth place, earning $44,300
Choon Kwang Lim opened for 108,000 which was raised by Binh Nguyen to 315,000. Lim then moved all in and was insta-called by Nguyen who showed Q♥Q♦. Lim could only turn over 10♥5♥ which didn’t look good on a board of 4♦2♦8♣8♥6♣.


Choon Kwang Lim

Lim exits but only after a superb performance for someone playing their first major poker tournament.

5.40pm: Two in a row for Sunny
Sunny Jung has won two pots in a row. The first hand he raised it up and took the blinds and antes and the next hand he got walk in the big blind. Easy way to add 168,000 to his stack.

5.35pm: No takers for Mr Macau
Charles Chua moves all-in yet again but gets no takers, picking up the blinds and antes.

5.30pm: Pot to Nguyen
Binh Nguyen opened for 100,000 which Gordon Huntly called for a flop of 2♠7♠[3]. Huntly then check-called Nguyen’s bet for a 5♥ turn. Both checked that for a 6♥ river card. Now Huntly threw out 300,000. Nguyen called showing seven-eight, good to beat Huntly’s 2♣K♦.

5.20pm: LEVEL UP
Blinds are now 20,000-40,000 with a 4,000 ante.

5.15pm: Nguyen looks to the heavens
Binh Nguyen raised to 70,000 and then called Gordon Huntly’s three-bet to 215,000. That was enough as far as aggression went as both players checked the K♦10♠K♥4♠Q♣ board all the way down. Huntly tabled A♠Q♦ for a rivered two-pairs. Nguyen looked to the heavens and mucked.

5.10pm: Chua on this one
Every time Charles Chua has moved all-in today no one has called him. All other times he open shoved but this time he three-bet shoved. Choon Kwang Lim opened for an 85,000 raise before Chua moved all-in for 450,000. Lim folded and the whole table gave Chua a round of applause. It’s nice to be liked.

5pm: Huntly out on a Lim
In a battle of the blinds Gordon Huntly And Choon Kwang Lim see a flop of 3♥2♥Q♠. Choon then made it 65,000 which Huntly called. The each checked the J♠ turn for a 5♦ river. Here Huntly bet 125,000 before Choon raised to 425,000 in total. Huntly called but mucked his hand when Lim showed 6♥4♥ for a straight.

4.55pm: Turning the tide
After losing a streak of pots Choon Kwang Lim has finally won one. He raised and was called by Binh Nguyen on the big blind to go to a 9♥5♣A♣ flop. Lim c-bet for 115,000 when checked to him. Call. The turn came 5♥ and Nguyen check-folded to a 215,000 bet.

4.50pm: Sunny and Choon
Sunny Jung and Choon Lim saw a flop of A♥6♣Q♦. Lim checked before Jung bet 90,000 which Lim called for a 4♣ turn. Both checked for a 9♥ river and checked that as well. K♥J♥ for Lim but a pot winning 3♠3♣ for Jung.

4.45pm: Gordon gets more from Lim
Gordon Huntly has taken over the chip lead after taking more chips off neighbor Choon Kwang Lim. He raised to 115,000 to face a three-bet to 315,000 from Lim. Very quickly Huntly moved all in and scooped the pot when Lim folded. That puts him up to 3.3million chips.

4.35pm: Sunny plays back
Sunny Jung opened with a raise only to face a three-bet from Binh Nguyen in the next seat. Jung wasn’t going to be pushed around this time and moved all-in. It was a big enough raise to force Nguyen off the pot.

4.30pm: Victor Chang, eliminated in seventh place, earning $33,900
Victor Chang has been eliminated in unlucky circumstances. He found A♠K♥ and open shoved for just under 450,000 and got one caller in the shape of Gordon Huntly with A♥8♣. The board ran 8♠Q♦J♥5♠6♥. The door card was an eight and that was good enough to send the American to the rail.


Victor Chang shakes hands with Gordon Huntly before departing in seventh place

4.23pm: Small pot
Terrance Chan wins a small pot against Gordon Huntly with ace-high on a checked board of 2♦8♥9♠5♦Q♠.

4.20pm: First flop seen
Binh Nguyen was straight back to his aggressive ways with a raise from mid-position that was called by Choon Kwang Lim in the big blind. Both players checked the A♥Q♠6♣ flop before Lim led out for 80,000 on the 3♦ turn. Nguyen folded and Lim picked up the pot.

4.12pm: Back from the break
We’re back, no longer shaking after a zero-damage 6.2 earthquake in Manila. Seven players remain as we enter level 23.

3.50pm: Current chip counts in seat order
Sunny Jung — 935,000
Binh Nguyen — 2,182,000
Terrence Chan — 1,738,000
Victor Chang — 448,000
Gordon Huntly — 1,485,000
Choon Kwang Lim — 1,150,000
Charles Chua — 556,000

3.45pm: Break time
Play resumes at 4.10pm


PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manila: Stephen Bartley and Marc Convey.


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