PCA 2011 $5,000 Bounty Shootout: Day 2, level 1, 2 & 3 updates (200-400, ante 50)

January 14, 2011


2.25pm: Break time
The first three levels have come to an and and all the players are off on a 15 minute break.

2.22pm: Big Binger bullies little Binger
Michael Binger has eliminated his short-stacked little brother Nick in a pre-flop all-in showdown. Michael raised to 1,000 and called when Nick shoved for 5,250. with K♠8♥. Michael tabled the dominating A♠K♣ that stayed ahead through the 9♠6♣J♥J♠9♦ board.

That’s the end of the level. — MC

pca_bounty 2_bingers.jpg

Bingers go eyeball to eyeball

2.18pm: Deeb keeping up the pressure
Deeb’s stack is up to nearly 70,000 – almost half of the 150,000 chips in play. The young American is putting a lot of pressure at this TV table. Faraz Jaka opened for 850 from the cut-off , Lyall three-bet to 1,700 from the button and Deeb four-bet from the small blind for 5,125. Neither Jaka nor Lyall decided to play on. — RD

2.16pm: Van Til in near double-up
Johan Van Til is up to 40,000 chips after a near double-up versus Nick Binger. We missed most of the action but we were reliably informed by a Dutch reporter that Van Til check-raised binger in the turn and led for 8,100 on the river. The final board read A♦9♣2♠3♦10♠ and Binger snap called the river bet to be shown 4♥5♥ by Van Til for a wheel. Binger is down to just 7,000 chips now. — MC

pca_bounty 2_nick binger.jpg

Nick Binger is in trouble here at the PCA

2.10pm: All-in from the blinds
Matthew Waxman and Dane Canelas-Miller just got all the chips in pre-flop in a battle of the blinds. Waxman raised to 1,400 and called all-in for 12,475 when Canelas-Miller shoved from the big blind for 18,400.

Waxman: 10♦10♥
Canelas-Miller: A♦4♠

The board ran Q♠7♥J♠8♣9♠. Canelas-Miller is the player in most trouble at the table now with around 6,000 chips. — MC

2.08pm: Monster shove from Deeb
The two big stacks on the TV table have just tangled with Shaun Deeb shoving 33,000 on the river of a Q♥5♠J♥8♥7♥ board. Deeb had led 1,200 into the turn and Wice had raised to 3,400. Deeb waited for a short while before raising again to 9,425. Wice made the call.

The fourth heart was more than enough for Deeb to shove all-in for 33,000. Wice went deep into the tank before finally passing telling Deeb that he thought he was being bluffed. He was correct; Deeb showed 6♦7♦. Wice claimed that he had hit the flush on the turn. Deeb has taken the chip lead with 58,000. — RD

2pm: Man down from table three
Eric Ladny is the first player to be eliminated from the outer tables. He raised from the cut-off and then called all-in for his last 19,000 when Marton Czuczor shoved from the big blind. They were off the races as Ladny tabled 9♥9♠ to Czuczor’s A♥Q♠ and the board ran 2♠Q♦K♠7♥2♥. The Hungarian is up to 45,000 chips now. — MC

1.55pm: Adams slow plays his way into trouble
Jeff Madsen and Brandon Adams have tangled a lot today. Madsen doubled-up Adams earlier and now the reverse has happened after Adams slow-played aces. Madsen raised to 1,000 from the hijack and Adams flatted from the cut-off. The two were heads-up to the K♥10♦ flop and Madsen continued with a 1,375 bet that Adams reacted to with a raise to 10,000.

Madsen moved all-in for 9,675 with K♣8♣ for two-pair. Adams tabled A♦A♣ and failed to counterfeit through the 6♣Q♣ turn and river. Adams drops down to 17,000, Madsen is up to around 23,000. — MC


1.43pm: Absolute smash up
It was an odd hand but one that played out great for Shaun Deeb. Dean Lyall opened for 1,950 (a possible live misclick?) and Deeb called on the button. Alex Wice raised to 4,400 from the small blind before Faraz Jaka cold four-bet to 8,000.

Lyall quickly passed but Deeb moved all-in for 33,000 picking up two folds and a chunky pot. He’s now on 48,000 and isn’t far behind Wice. Jaka and Lyall are the players falling behind. — RD

pca_bounty 2_shaun deeb.jpg

Shaun Deeb is chipping up at the TV table

1.32pm: Deeb sucks out, Lewis just out
Shaun Deeb is up to 32,000 after knocking out Toby Lewis with a five-outer. Lewis had c-bet a K♠6♥10♣ flop and Deeb had raised. Lewis shoved for the remainder of his 10,000 stack and Deeb made the call.

Deeb: 8♦10♦
Lewis: K♥9♥

Deeb was in need of an eight or ten. The turn was the 2♥ and the river was the 10♠. Lewis grimaced and left the table. Wice still in control with 64,000. — RD

1.31pm: Binger Nicked one
Nick Binger is back up to his starting stack after forcing a fold from Marton Czuczor on a K♥2♠3♣7♦A♠ board. Czuczor opened the pot with a raise to 700 from under-the-gun and a 900 c-bet on the flop and Binger called both times. The two checked the turn before Binger led for 2,025 on the river. Czuczor folded to drop to 26,000. — MC

1.26pm: Cairns out as Wice stacks up to 64,000
Alex Wice has just knocked out David Cairns with A♦K♣ to A♣J♣. Wice had three-bet squeezed pre-flop and Cairns had been the last player to act, he four-bet and insta-called Wice’s shove, obviously pot-committed. Wice is up to 64,000 and claims another $1,000 bounty. — RD

1.18pm: Adams stuck again, then not
Brandon Adams had to come back from 5,000 chips yesterday to win his table and he’ll have to achieve a similar fete today as he’s down to 7,000 chips. He raised to 750 from under-the-gun and Jeff Madsen called from the big blind. Both checked the flop before Madsen led for 1,175 on the turn with the board reading J♠8♦8♠5♣. Adams called but folded to a 2,525 bet on the 5♠ river.

Moments later Adams got himself back up to 25,000 after doubling through Jeff Madsen, who is down to 14,225 himself. — MC


1.07pm: Shootout progress
We’ll be striking players out as we go on the Day 2 seat draw. It’s on the widget or you can just get there by clicking here. — RD

1.04pm: He didn’t need the free one
Dane Canelas-Miller just won a pot off Matthew Waxman whilst out of position. Waxman raised from the button and Canelas-Miller called from the small blind to see the 3♦6♦K♦ flop. He check-called a c-bet to go to the 4♣ turn. Waxman checked again as did Canelas-Miller adding: “Okay, I’ll give you a free one”.

The river came 10♣ and Waxman check-called a 1,200 bet. “I got nothing,” admitted Canelas-Miller and he mucked upon seeing Waxman’s K♣J♣. — MC

12.58pm: Brother on brother action
The title sounds wrong but I’m talking about poker action, people. The action folded around to Michael Binger in the small blind, he raised and Nick Binger called from the big blind. The flop came 2♥5♥J♦, Michael led and Nick called to the J♠ turn. Both players checked here and the 7♠ river too. Michael tabled K♠9♠ while Nick smiled and folded his hand. — MC

12.54pm: Wice takes the lead
Alex Wice just flopped bottom two-pair with 4♠5♠ on a J♦4♣5♦ flop and bet 1,400 on the flop, 3,800 on the Q♥ turn and 7,700 on the 10♦ river. Lewis called him all the way down and mucked his hand. Lewis is down 11,000. He dropped to 425 yesterday and still managed to win his heat. Wice is out front with 40,000 or so. — RD

pca_bounty 2_alex wice.jpg

Alex Wice has taken an early lead

12.45pm: Debora Hungary for chips
Team PokerStars Pro Greg Debora has won his first pot of the day against Hungarian Marton Czuczor. Czuczor raised from the button and Debora defended from the big blind to see the 4♣8♠8♦ flop. Czuczor continued with a 700 bet and called when his Canadian opponent check-raised him to 1,800. Both checked the 3♠ turn before Debora led for 2,400 on the 9♠ river. Too much heat for Czuczor as he folded. — MC

12.40pm: Lewis squeezes post-flop
Shaun Deeb led for 850 into a 5♠10♠2♣ flop and was called by Faraz Jaka before Toby Lewis raised to 3,000. Deeb didn’t look like he wanted to release, but he did, Jaka offered less resistance. Small pot for Lewis. — RD

12.35pm: No hanging around today
A short while after Michael Binger sat down today he asked his tablemates how long each of their tables lasted. He then went on to tell them about his epic battle to secure his win. This might’ve given his opponents a clue about his mind set today and if it didn’t a cold four-bet sure would have.

Greg Debora opened to 500 from the button before Eric Ladny three-bet to 1,800 from the small blind and Binger four-bet to 5,000 from the big blind. Debora folded quickly but Ladny took a while longer to admit defeat. — MC

pca_bounty 2_mike binger.jpg

Iron man Mike Binger played heads up for over four houors yesterday

12.22pm: Shuffle-up and deal
Cards are in the air. As a lot on the young guns are saying these days – let’s do this! — MC

12.14pm: Feature table
The table picked to go under the glare of TV cameras is table two. Two Americans, two Canadians and two Brits. Our coverage of the TV table will be a little restricted but we’ll try to bring you the key action as it happens or alternatively you can follow the live webcast at pokerstars.tv.

Table two
1 Shaun Deeb USA
2 David Cairns Canada
3 Alex Wice Canada
4 Faraz Jaka USA
5 Dean Lyall UK
6 Toby Lewis UK

Toby Lewis and Dean Lyall don’t look the best today having had a big night at Atlantis nightclub Aura last night (from what we’ve heard). — RD

12.05pm: Disaster averted
A ‘minor’ slip up almost meant that play began with 100,000 rather than 25,000 stacks. Not that we’re claiming all the credit but a combined effort from media row got the floor manager to check the structure again and the chips were changed. — RD

11.40am: PCA 2011 $5,000 Bounty Shootout, Day two
Welcome back to Day 2 of the PCA 2011 $5,000 Bounty Shootout. We started yesterday with 36 tables filled up with 216 players. Thirty-six of those won their tables and progressed to today’s round two shootouts. The plan for today is to split the field into two flights. Tables one through three will start their matches at twelve noon and tables four through seven will will start at seven. This has been done to enable ESPN to film two feature tables throughout for later broadcast. There is also a live webcast of the two feature tables. To view please go to pokerstars.tv. Please find today’s seat draw below and join us back here at noon for the start of play.


One of the first up: Team PokerStars Pro Greg Debora

Flight one:

Table one
1 Matthew Waxman USA
2 Dane Canelas-Miller USA
3 Jeff Madsen USA
4 Brandon Adams USA
5 Travis Carson USA
6 Andrew Chen Canada

Table two
1 Shaun Deeb USA
2 David Cairns Canada
3 Alex Wice Canada
4 Faraz Jaka USA
5 Dean Lyall UK
6 Toby Lewis UK

Table three
1 Marton Czuczor Hungary
2 Johan Van Til Netherlands
3 Greg Debora Canada Team PokerStars Pro
4 Eric Ladny USA
5 Michael Binger USA
6 Nick Binger USA

Flight two:

Table four
1 Amnon Filippi USA
2 David Baker USA
3 Marko Neumann Germany
4 Dario Minieri Italy Team PokerStars Pro
5 Rob Tepper USA
6 Christopher Klodnicki USA

Table five
1 Andrew Seidman USA
2 Barry Greenstein USA Team PokerStars Pro
3 Scott Baumstein USA
4 Jude Ainsworth Ireland Team PokerStars Pro
5 Amichai Tzvi Barer Canada
6 Daniel Colman USA

Table six
1 William Pilossoph USA
2 Darren Elias USA
3 Samuel Chartier Canada
4 Ville Wahlbeck Finland Team PokerStars Pro
5 Jesse Martin USA
6 George Lind USA

PokerStars Blog reporting team at the shootout (in order of clean clothes remaining): Rick Dacey (almost out – wearing khaki shorts) and Marc Convey (will be smelly on the plane home but okay for now).


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