PCA 2012: Playing our tune at Johnny Rockets

January 12, 2012


Right now somebody not far from here is listening to Chantilly Lace by The Big Bopper on the juke box of Johnny Rockets.

As players get away for their hour’s dinner break the options are limited. There’s not enough time to get off the island so resort options come into play and you’d better get there fast, or book to avoid disappointment. That disappointment is also known as the “The Special” from the poker kitchen in the corridor.

Luckily the staff at Atlantis have cottoned on to this need for speed and welcome poker players warmly before aiming to get them back to their seats in no time, even when there are no other customers waiting to order.


Atlantis in the evening

In fact, you can’t go to any food outlet in Atlantis without being asked how you’re doing in the tournament. For the first few times I explained that I wasn’t actually playing, just working. Then I began to simple say “fine”. Now, several dozen questions later, I’m the chip leader with 13 players remaining. It’s exhilarating and I’m assuming no one will check.

This hints at something else, that the main event is more than just the latest exhibition taking up the biggest room at Atlantis, it’s something which has become the talk of the Island, or Johnny Rockets at least where they got us in and out in about 14 and a half minutes — with a loud “Hello!” on the way in and a “Bye!” on the way out. Sure, it feels like you’re being mocked, but the food was good.

It was here, just after the staff had finished their half hourly dance, we got fed and watered in quick time. Too quick for my selection on the free to use jukebox to tick through Doo Ran Doo Ran Doo Ran, Turn, Turn, Turn and Mrs Robinson, to number K3 by The Big Bopper.

We thought about staying but that would risk being there when he staff starting dancing again.


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