PCA 2012: The curious case of Faraz Jaka and the tin of tuna

January 09, 2012


Faraz Jaka knows how to get at fish, no matter the obstacle or barrier. At around 5.30pm yesterday afternoon, on his day off from the main event, Jaka tweeted “Anyone have any ideas how I can open a can of Tuna without a can opener or a knife?”

It was a problem for the modern age or as many poker players might say, a ‘first world problem’. Most of us would look at the can, turn it over hoping to see a turnkey of sorts, find just a sell-by date, swear profusely, toss the can onto the bed and order room service. But not Jaka. First he fielded the problem to Twitter, a good use of available resources, but the responses were lacking. Then came the Eureka moment.

“haha thanks for the responses on opening my tuna can lol. Hotel doesnt have one, i may try jagged rock or sharp key.But first maybe the bar!” he tweeted.

Our kind of guy, we on the blog thought, he was going for liquid refreshment to mull over the problem. Then we heard no more. The twittering died out.

pca_day 2_faraz jaka 2.jpg

Faraz Jaka: a little bit like MacGyver

When Jaka arrived for play today with a top thirty stack of 130,000 he looked in fine form, like a man would after a good night’s sleep and fuelled by a tasty and nutritious tuna-based supper. He had done it. He had got into that can.

“I eventually figured that most of the bars would have tins of pineapple so found one and – clip, clip, clip – got into it,” explained Jaka, right arm wrenching as if he was still using one of those metal tin punchers that hides on the back shelf of a cocktail bar.

The same qualities of tenacity and lateral thinking have seen Jaka do well on the circuit, scoring $2,394,969 in live tournament winnings, and also here in the early stages of Day 2. The American is up to 350,000 and running roughshod over his table with around 2.5 times the rest of the table combined.

pca_day 2_faraz jaka.jpg

It’s quite some shirt

“Ari Engle got moved to the table and we played an interesting set of hands. He three-bet me the first hand, I raised two more times, then he raised, I three-bet, he four-bet and I called with jack-queen. He had ace-ten suited. The flop came queen-queen-three and he check-raised me huge. I just called and he shoved the turn. It was kind of a wild play on his part but at the same time I got really lucky to actually have that. Without a queen it’s a pretty hard spot for me to play,” said Jaka explaining the hand which propelled him into the chip lead.

“I haven’t played with him much but we know who each other are and have mutual friends so that was an interesting dynamic. You know each other’s image,” he added.

It would be best for all to remember that Jaka is a man who can get at fish without a can opener. As table images go it’s a pretty solid one.


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