PCA 2014: Playing poker in Ole Schemion’s front room

January 13, 2014

If you didn’t already know, whilst it may look like the High Roller final table is being played in the Imperial Ballroom of Atlantis, it is actually being played in Ole Schemion’s living room.

It’s a casual affair and Schemion, wearing comfortable shorts and t-shirt, is the perfect host, happy to let people make themselves comfortable, just as he does. His shoes are kicked off and his skateboard is upturned on the floor next to his chair.

There’s a relaxed feel to the entire event even though, in comparison to the television stage, they sit squashed around a regulation size table. There are empty coffee cups lying around, as well as multiple banana skins, coke cans, napkins, a box that once contained salad. What’s more, Schemion has invited friends to come and watch, and each of them slouches in a chair along the rail, eating and drinking. There is even a big screen TV at the end of the room.

Ole Schemion_pca2014_hrft.jpg

Only a man comfortable with his surrounding could look like this: Ole Schemion

Back in the real world and these High Rollers play on amid relaxed scenes of inactivity. There has been little movement barring the departure of Joao Vieira in eighth place. His swan dive was in slow motion, having gone from close to the chip lead at the start of the day to the eighth place finisher, his last hand of pocket nines running into the kings of Mizrachi.

The lead meanwhile changes hands, from Vanessa Selbst, to Mustapha Kanit, to Robert Mizrachi. None says much, or alters their facial expression, except, presumably, when more coffee, coke or bananas arrive.

We expect more of the same for the foreseeable future.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.


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