PCA 2015: The marathons continue in two time zones

January 14, 2015

We have talked many times before about how things get a little weird on final table day. Martin Harris addressed the peculiar phenomenon of the time delay in poker in his post entitled Is This The Real Life? and we’re in for some more warping of time this afternoon when the Main Event final table is broadcast cards up live on EPT Live.

It means that a line of longitude will be drawn down the centre of the Imperial Ballroom: anyone on one side will be in a different time zone to the other. Let’s call the zones PCA (equivalent to ET) and PCA+1.

To add to the unusual set up today, the final two tables of the $25,000 High Roller have been arranged in the most unusual manner. In a quiet, nay silent, corner of the tournament room, the action has started with two tables sitting about 15 yards apart from one another. In a week where records have been broken, I’m going to go ahead and say we have today broken a record for “largest expanse of empty putrid carpet between two tournament tables ever”.


Hello! Hello! Can you hear me over there?

(The real reason is that there is a problem with lighting in the hinterland between the webcast stage and the other table. The shadows make looking at cards difficult.)

Scott Seiver, who is as restless as they come at the tables, is today needing to pace hastily from his seat on the webcast stage over the no man’s land to the other table so he can keep tabs on what is happening elsewhere. Of course, when a hand on his table is done, he hastily needs to pace back there.

Seiver has been something of a phenomenon this week, continuing to bristle with nervous energy despite having played more poker this week than almost anybody else. He finished eighth in the Super High Roller event, going broke deep in Level 18, at the end of Day 2.

He then ran deep in the Main Event, busting in Level 14 on Day 3, and is now back on the final day of the High Roller. They are in Level 21 there, which means Seiver has played a total of 57 levels of high-level poker (and counting) in this PCA. One assumes he will sleep well when he returns home.


Scott Seiver: Tired yet?

Bryn Kenney is getting close to Seiver’s record, having finished third in the Super High Roller (busting in Level 22), and also still involved in the High Roller, in Level 21. Kenney, however, was eliminated on Day 2 of the Main Event, so hasn’t quite spent so long this week as Seiver.


Bryn Kenney: Another marathon

The High Rollers are playing to a winner tonight, from the 11 continuing over night. Meanwhile, over in PCA+1 they are preparing to get started in the Main Event too.

Follow all the action from both remaining flagship tournaments on PokerStars Blog. The Main Event is on the Main Event page, and High Roller page. And there are a host of side event reports and results on the Side Events page.


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