PCA 2015: Women’s Event champion Kristina Lehtimäki is 1-for-1

January 14, 2015

“This is my first event at the PCA this year,” smiles Kristina Lehtimäki, clutching the trophy for which she’s been playing for two days, “and unfortunately, my last!”

She looks around the Tournament Room, which is looking a lot emptier now than it was when the Women’s Event began over 24 hours ago. There are no more tournaments left on the schedule for her to play. Her 100% PCA record is secure for at least a year.

women's final.jpg

Lehtimäki, left, and Lampropulos heads-up for the title

Lehtimäki’s first tournament win outside her native Finland has bagged her $8,902 and a PCA trophy, and was a hard-fought victory. To win the title, she had to outlast numerous well-known names including Team PokerStars SportStar Fatima de Melo, Team Online’s Adrienne ‘talonchick’ Rowsome and Katerina ‘Katerina289’ Malasidou, and her countrywoman Sara Chafak.

Vanessa Selbst-Ladies Event-PCA2015-Monti-2874.jpg

A familiar face: Vanessa Selbst stops by to watch the Women’s Event

“I recognised some of the professionals at the table. I play online mostly, multi-table tournaments. I have some experience playing long tournaments like this, but not as much as some. Yesterday I was very, very tired. I kept checking my watch to see when the day was going to end.”


PCA 2015 Women’s Event Champion Kristina Lehtimäki

Happily for Lehtimäki, Day 2 of the tourney ended in the best possible way. She found herself heads-up with the UK’s Maria Lampropulos, the final table’s chip-leader at the start of play today. After almost an hour of back-and-forth, during which Lehtimäki showed plenty of aggression to gain the chip lead, Lampropulos open-shoved from the button for 141,000 holding J♣8♣. Lehtimäki thought for just a few seconds before calling with Q♥10♥.

The board came A♦A♠Q♠9♦K♠, and just like that the Women’s Event was all over.

Curtain down. Lights up.


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Adam Hampton is a copywriter for PokerStars


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