Platinum Pass winner Michael Robionek to relive deep PSPC run on Twitch

January 09, 2020inPoker

Here at the PokerStars Blog we’re becoming increasingly excited about the 2020 PokerStars Players NL Hold’em Championship in August in Barcelona, especially now that the calendar has turned over, the second running of the PSPC is in fuller view, and the number of new Platinum Pass winners is starting to rise.

We remain enamored with the 2019 PSPC a year ago, though, in large part because of how over the course of the year-plus leading up to that event we got to know many of the more than 300 Platinum Pass winners who won their way to that first one in the Bahamas.

One of those whom we got to know last time around was German player Michael Robionek — not just leading up to the 2019 PSPC, but during the $25,000 tournament as well thanks to his remarkable run outlasting more than 1,000 opponents to finish in 21st place for a huge $150,600 score.

Michael Robionek, here near the beginning of what would prove a multi-day, life-changing PSPC experience

Only three other Platinum Pass winners went deeper than Robionek in the event — Pedro Padilha of Brazil who finished third, Marc Rivera of the Philippines who made it to third, and of course the champion Ramon Colillas of Spain.

We caught up with Robionek a couple of weeks after the 2019 PSPC to learn more about his story and talk about the experience.

He told us then about winning his way into the event via a “Human Lie Detector” freeroll and then preparing extensively in the coaching sessions PokerStars had provided with Team Pros and in a training group led by Team Online’s Felix “xflixx” Schneiders. He also went over some of the key hands he played in the tournament, and explained how he intended to keep playing freerolls and the micro stakes on PokerStars while banking his winnings.

We were delighted as well this week to learn Robionek will be sharing even more about his PokerStars Players NL Hold’em Championship run via his Twitch channel starting tonight.

As reported by, Robionek will begin airing streams this evening under the title “The Platinum Experience” with a plan to share shows at regular intervals up until the start of the 2020 PSPC.

Robionek wrote on Facebook about his plan. “After receiving so much love and help with my PSPC deep run, my goal is to give something back to the poker community,” he said, adding that one purpose for his Twitch shows will be to help the 2020 PSPC winners “be prepared in the best possible way.”

Things get started tonight at 7:00 p.m. CET over at with Robionek looking at Day 4 when he played a great deal at the feature table. We’re looking forward to looking back along with him.


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