Poker In The Ears Episode 174 explores “State of the Platinum Union” with Platinum Pass winners Rick Bleakley and Greg Armand

February 28, 2020inPoker

It’s time to tune in for an excellent installment of Poker In The Ears with Joe Stapleton and James Hartigan.

On this week’s episode, the boys bring us exciting updates about the PSPC and the “State of the Platinum Union”. They are joined by Rick Bleakley and Greg Armand, offering unique insights into the minds of two Platinum Pass winners.

Joe discusses his exciting new gig as poker advisor for the upcoming film The Card Counter (2:48), starring Oscar Isaac, Tiffany Haddish, Willem Dafoe and Tye Sheridan and directed by Paul Schrader. In James’ words, “This could be a really good poker movies, unless you (Joe) ruin it.”

After a brief chat about the alleged masterpiece Cinema Paradiso (6:43) and the new season of All or Nothing (10:18), the boys take a deep dive into the PSPC. Find out all the ways you can get hold of a Platinum Pass (14:10), including the crazy giveaways going on for Platinum Madness, the upcoming mega-path Satellites, and the opportunities to win passes on the live circuit.



Hartigan and Stapes are then joined by their first guest of the evening, Platinum Pass winner Rick Bleakley (18:30). Rick got hold of his pass via a competition on Twitter, though he doesn’t actually remember entering in the first place! His live poker experience comes from playing home games with his friends, games where “every single guy plays every single two cards”. That doesn’t mean that Rick is a player to underestimate. Although no pro, Rick is definitely a huge poker fan. He will be studying and learning hard to prepare for his big shot at PSPC glory. He’ll also be heading to Lex Live in April to get involved with the community and gain more experience at the tables.

Joe thinks Rick should consider James Hartigan’s tournament course, which involves “folding down to 20 big blinds and then folding to the money”. We’ll leave it up to you, dear listener, to decide whether that’s a clever idea.

Next up, Platinum Pass winner Greg Armand joins the show (35:55). Greg won his pass from a live tournament. He’s an experienced player, yet despite a string of cashes in the last few years, still very much considers himself “recreational”. The PSPC will be a new level of poker for him, but Greg “feels confident” after “putting in a lot of work”. He also believes exercise and diet will be key to his preparation. Greg even has a coach, “one of the top British players”.

This leads Stapes to a hearty point about the importance of Platinum Pass winners hiring a coach, so they don’t become scared money and easy targets for the sharks (45:00). This dynamic between amateurs and pros is truly what makes the PSPC so special, and as we know from last year’s event, Platinum Pass winners can very much win.

The show ends with Superfan Vs Stapes (52:45). This week, Greg Kaufman from Canada picks Hudson Hawk, possibly the worst specialist subject ever on the show. Worth listening to the podcast, probably not worth watching the film.

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