Poker’s biggest names return to HRC stardom

November 30, 2020inPoker

This weekend, outstanding legends like Samuel Vousden, Claas Segebrecht and Niklas Astedt returned in the HRC, and Georgious Karakousis picked up a huge win. The Sunday major results came from a mix of pros, and aspiring players hitting their biggest ever wins. Let’s take a look at the action:

  • Georgios “Geokarak” Karakousis picks up huge score in HRC
  • Samuel Vousden, Class Segebrecht and Niklas Astedt also among winners
  • Pros share spoils of Sunday majors with aspiring players
  • Sunday Million and Bounty Builder Day 1 results


Poker’s biggest names return to HRC stardom

Samuel “uropan” Vousden, one of Finland’s top players with over $9 million in online cashes, had an excellent weekend in the High Roller Club. He bested “veeea” from Russia, a WCOOP and three-time Sunday Million winner, to win the $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up for $20,790.

Samuel “€urop€an” Vousden earned his keep in the HRC

Vousden also had a decent run in the $530 Sunday Marathon, eventually finishing fourth. UK pro Sam “SamSquid” Grafton from the UK went on to win the Marathon for $8k.

The biggest HRC results this weekend came courtesy of Georgios “Geokarak” Karakousis, a long-timer from Greece who’s had serious results in COOP and EPT events. Karakousis made it through a hardcore final table in the $1,050 Sunday HR, outlasting third place “munchenHB” and second place “JoseGuti” to earn an incredible first place finish for $68,368.

The $1,050 Sunday Cooldown had an even more impressive line-up. “WhatIfGod”, winner of the EPT Online Main Event, came third, and top ranked Russian pro “drupa-lucker” came second. Multi-time SCOOP champion and EPT Online 05 winner Claas “Ssick_OnE” Segebrecht knocked out drupa-lucker to secure the final bounty and lock up a total of $32,635 (with over $20k coming from bounties).

Claas "Ssick_OnE" Segebrecht, EPT Online 05 Champion

Claas “Ssick_OnE” Segebrecht picked up huge bounties in the HRC Sunday Cooldown

Swedish pro Niklas “Lena900” Astedt made his return to the winners list, earning $22,333 for first place in the HRC Sunday Supersonic. Martynenko “VladTheSlaye” Vladislav came second. Vladislav has been climbing up the rankings this year (ranked 15th on P5s) and will be a player to watch out for in 2021.

In the Bounty Builder HR, “Luciano S.H” from Brazil led at the end of Day 1, and carried on strong on Day 2 before finally finishing in second place for $46k. “MezuuUuuT” from the UK came first for $84,998 (with $44k in KOs). “ClutchHero” from Canada also played a great game, making $15k in bounties and finishing fifth for a further $12k.

Here are the top High Roller Club results:

Tournament Player Country Prize
HRC: $530 Bounty Builder MezuuUuuT UK $84,998
HRC: $1,050 Sunday HR Georgious “Geokarak” Karakousis Greece $68,368
HRC: $1,050 Sunday Cooldown Claas “Ssick_OnE” Segebrecht Austria $32,635 (inc. KOs)
HRC: $1,050 Sunday Supersonic Niklas “Lena900” Astedt Sweden $22,333
HRC: $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up Samuel “European” Vousden Finland $20,790


Pros and aspiring players share spoils of Sunday majors

We always see top pros ruling the tables in the High Roller Club. It’s more of a mixed bag in the Sunday majors, with pros and up-and-comers sharing the spoils.

Peter “Belabaccsi” Traply from Hungary represents the pros. He’s had over $18 million in online winnings, including two massive SCOOP victories. Traply came first in the $215 Sunday Warm-Up this weekend for $22,105.

Pablo “pabritz” Brito Silva also claimed a win. He’s one of Brazil’s top players with over $6.7 million in online winnings, and only last week took down the $530 Bounty Builder HR for $82k. This time, Silva won the $215 Sunday Supersonic for $20,523.

Players like “JayStra” from Canada claimed their biggest ever wins this weekend. JayStra made a deal with heads-up opponent “tizulian” in the $22 Mini Sunday Million. tizulian was chip lead when the deal took place, so earned $16,365 despite finishing second. JayStra took first place for $13,799.

“Hartige” from Belgium scored big in the $109 Sunday Cooldown, administering the final knockout to“TheCanucken” to earn a first place total of $28,199.

Here are the top Sunday major results:

Tournament Player Country Prize
$109 Sunday Cooldown Hartige Belgium $28,199
$215 Sunday Warm-Up Peter “Belabaccsi” Traply Hungary $22,105
$215 Sunday Supersonic pabritz Brazil $20,523
$22 Mini Sunday Million JayStra Canada $13,799*
$55 Sunday Marathon btvedt Norway $13,175


markoville19 wins Sunday Million

The Sunday Million reached a prize pool of $1,035,000 from 10,350 entries. “hero(O-(_-Q” from Canada had a narrow lead at the end of Day 1, eventually finishing fourth. “LoneHixx” from Canada came third, and “leisundlaut” from Germany grabbed second. “markovilla19” from Ireland came out on top, earning a rather splendid $108,094.

Here’s the final table results:

Player Country Prize
markovilla19 Ireland $108,094
leisundlaut Germany $77,712
LoneHixx Canada $55,875
hero(O-(-_-Q Canada $40,175
MrStrike77 Russia $28,886
danistheking Netherlands $20,769
Horho2 Austria $14,933
tua123 UK $10,737
AokirBr Brazil $7,720


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