PokerStars 10th Anniversary: Holy goat! It’s the 72 billionth hand

December 11, 2011


Kozlicek_x hails from the Czech Republic, a fact which will become important later in this story. But at the tale’s beginning, he was just a very small gear in a record-breaking PokerStars Sunday prime time engine. At the peak of the day, more than 410,000 people were playing on PokerStars at one time. Even the always-robust PokerStars server was saying, “Enough already!” But Kozlicek_x had his seat, and that would be the key to this story reaching its climax.

He was sitting at a NLHE table with .02 and .05 blinds. It’s a microstakes game where on almost every day of the year nobody will get rich. In fact, on most days, a big win might buy lunch. Today, that changed.

As more than 400,000 players looked on in envy, the people at that table were dealt into PokerStars’ 72 billionth hand. In any other year, this would’ve been just another hand. However, thanks to the on-going PokerStars 10th Anniversary celebration, all the players dealt into the hand were guaranteed to win $10,000.


It’s possible Kozlicek_x was having the best day of his year. Not only did he get dealt a pair of sevens pre-flop, but he managed to to flop a set, good for the $27 pot, and good for $24,300 in extra 10th anniversary prize money.

His initial response?

“Holy goat,” he said.

Here’s how it looked at is it happened.

In all, the players at that table won nearly $100,000. Here’s a breakdown of who won what in the big hand.

  • Veles84 — $14,690
  • 7th_floor — $14,730.00
  • v0ero0v — $14,730.00
  • silentfridge — $12,150.00
  • Kozlicek_x — $24,300.00
  • thevik — $14,730.00
  • “Czech mate,” declared railbird Team Online member Kristian “CharismA3” Martin.

    Czech mate, indeed.

    So, for today, Kozlicek_x can consider himself the luckiest of PokerStars players. He might want to set aside a little luck and some money for next weekend. After all, the biggest Sunday of the year is coming soon. Next weekend will have the 10th Anniversary $10,000 High Roller event, and the insanely big $10 million guaranteed 10th Anniversary Sunday Million. It’s going to be quite a day.

    For now, however, congratulations to Kozlicek_x for winning PokerStars 72 billionth hand and $24,300!


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