PokerStars 10th Anniversary: Road to 100 Billion special

December 02, 2011


The showers of free 10th Anniversary cash from PokerStars HQ to computers around the world continues with yet another significant promotional announcement today. You’ll likely know that in the lead up to our 100 Billionth Hand, we’re giving away loads of money. Normally, we reserve the fun for the period when each 5 billion milestone comes around – and we only did the 70 billion a few weeks ago.

So what’s the deal? Well, as it’s the 10th Anniversary and all that, we’re going to run a milestone hand special for 72 billion, throwing in $750,000 in free cash to our loyal players. Qualifying hands will be 71,770,000,000 through to the big 72,000,000,000. Everyone dealt into the mega milestone 72 billion will get at least $10,000.

Here’s how it works:
– Starting from hand #71,700,000,000, prizes will be awarded for all players dealt into every millionth hand (e.g. 71,902,000,000).
– Prizes are calculated based on how many VPPs you have earned on any table that gets dealt into a milestone hand. See the Road to 100 Billion Examples page to find out how much you could potentially win.
– More than $750,000 will be awarded in total, to more than 1,000 players.
– The winner of the Mega Milestone hand (#72,000,000,000) will win at least $20,000.

Please note, heads-up ring games will be unavailable for a few hours before the Mega Milestone hand is due to hit. We apologize to any player who may find their favorite games unavailable during this period.

For more information, visit the Road to 100 Billion page.

So, keep an eye on the hand counter. We expect the free cash to start early next week.

Good luck!



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