PokerStars 10th Anniversary: Special milestone hand on the way

December 09, 2011


So, you might have noted yesterday that people started winning lots of money on PokerStars just for being dealt into special hands. This might have seemed like a flashback to the recent coverage of the 70 billionth hand promotion. You might have thought we were just re-hashing our blog posts while out on a holiday jaunt to Las Vegas. Not so! In fact, just when we were least expecting it, PokerStars decided to do yet another milestone hands promotion in honor of the big 10th anniversary celebration going on. Cue the confetti, because it looks like the big hand is going to hit this weekend.

Oh, I know. I know. It seems like it’s coming too fast, but there is nothing I can do to slow things down. When the 72 billionth hand hits, it hits, and whoever wins the big hand will win a minimum of $20,000 in extra money no matter what kind of game they are playing.

When will it happen? I don’t know. There are probably math wizards out there who can find an abacus and figure it out. Our best estimate right now is sometime in the next 48-55 hours. But, listen Don’t count on me to plan your weekend. I’m still multiplying by four on the flop to calculate my odds. You’re smarter than me, so head on to PokerStars now and do the math yourself. If people start logging on like crazy this weekend, it could happen a lot sooner.

In the meantime, milestone hands are still still hitting all the time as part of the PokerStars10th Anniversary celebration. To see a list of the people who have won big money in the special milestone hands promotion so far, visit our 10th Anniversary milestone hand winners page.

After that, get your calculator out and get ready to hit the big one. It could come sooner than any of us think.



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