PokerStars Championship Macau: What a table!

April 08, 2017

The PokerStars Championship High Roller is drawing all the big names. And as Day 2 kicked off just a couple of hours ago they were all in action for the HK $100,000 (around $10k) event.

As I walked through the tables towards the end of Level 10, it turned out that many of them were even sat at the very same table. I arrived to find this beaut of a draw:

1: Daniel Dvoress – 182,000
2: Nick Petrangelo – 284,000
3: Liwei Sun – 54,000
4: Steve O’Dwyer – 142,000
5: Sofia Lovgren – 104,000
6: Dan Smith – 170,000
7: Shuo Li – 148,000
8: John Juanda – 160,000

PSC Macau_Velli-817_Sofia Lovgren_Dan Smith.jpg

Smith and Lovgren attempt the mannequin challenge


My heart leaped, the poker nerd in me jumping around in glee. I sent a WhatsApp message to my poker mates. They were equally as enthusiastic with responses that included, “OMG”, “So sick” and “Where’s Fedor?”. I decided to stick around for 30 minutes with 28 minutes left on the clock before the end of the level to see if I’d see any action. And I was in luck.

Level 10 / Blinds – 1,000-2,000 (300 ante)

22.37:Smith the early aggressor

Sporting thick black-rimmed glasses, it was Dan Smith who lead the early action. He faced an UTG open from Sofia Lovgren and chose to complete in the big blind. The flop that hit the deck was J♠K♥8♦. Lovgren checked before Smith led out with a 5,500 bet.

After a pause Lovgren called and the 7♠ came on the turn. Once again, Lovgren checked and Smith led out for 16,000. It prompted Lovgren to ask Dan how much he had behind. As the clock ticked down it seemed a little too much for her liking and she threw her hand into the muck.

16:26: A BUST OUT?!

I check my WhatsApp messages again to see a “Steve ftw” message from one of my poker mates.

PSC Macau_Velli-760_Steve O'Dwyer.jpg

O’Dwyer in action

I look back up at the table to see Daniel Dvoress open to 5,000 from under-the-gun. Just a few seats over, it’s 3-bet by high-roller aficionado Steve O’Dwyer to 14,500, and the action is folded back around to Dvoress who asks the Irishman for a count. “Around 125?” responds O’Dwyer.

With just five seconds left on the clock Dvoress musters together a peculiarly small re-raise to around 38,000. It doesn’t arouse suspicion in O’Dwyer – or perhaps it does, but his mind is made up. “All-in” he announces to the dealer as Dvoress snapps it off.

O’Dwyer flips over A♠K♦ and Dvoress shows A♥A♦. “So sick” says one of the lesser known names at the table Shuo Li to John Juanda to his left. Juanda doesn’t bat an eyelid – he’s seen all this hundreds of times before.

The board of J♣4♦6♥Q♥2♥ isn’t enough to save O’Dwyer despite the river sweat. I send a quick message to my poker mate to tell him the bad news.

11.24: Smith at it again

At this point the table are talking about the cost of flights, and the joys of first class. “You have your own cabin with two doors – you even get two seats which you can fold out to make a King Size bed!” says Juanda about a recent trip.

PSC Macau_Velli-831_John Juanda.jpg

Juanda: A first class high-roller

Smith laughs before hushing up to play a hand.

He opens to 5,000 UTG and Li immediately to his left re-raises to 17,000. Smith calls and we go to the flop.

It’s Q♦2♦3♦. Smith announces “Check”, and Li bets 25,000. With time running out on the shot clock, Dan isn’t able to put together his raising chips in time so again makes an announcement. “62,000” he says. With that Li chews a little on his tobacco and folds. Smith scoops.

4.57: Dvoress busts another

The pay-outs have just been announced and everyone takes a glance at the board. It looks like the winner will get a big chunk of Hong Kong Dollars – as can be seen here.

Unfortunately for Liwei Sun, they won’t be going to him. After a raise of 5,500 from UTG he was 3-bet from a new arrival to the table, Paul Tedeschi. Action folded around to Devores, who raised it up even further to 31,000.

By this point Sun was priced in, and elected to shove the rest of his remaining chips – another 10,000 on top into the middle. It led to a fold from Tedeschi and another snap call from Devores.

Dvoress: A♥A♠

“Aces again?” sighed Sun as he flipped over K♠K♣ and packed up to leave. The board ran clean and Dvoress stacked up even more chips.

PSC Macau_Velli-803_Daniel Dvoress_Nick Petrangelo.jpg

Stay tuned for a mid-day update and to see how the rest of the table get on in the next couple of hours. If you can’t wait until then, our friends over at Poker News are doing live updates from the High Roller throughout the day.


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