PokerStars EPT Kyiv: Day 4 Level 20 updates

August 22, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 4, level 19 of EPT Kyiv Sports Poker Championship brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds 1,000-6,000-12,000.

7.10pm: Dinner chips
We’ve just done that full, official, accurate count, verified by two independent sources, and it’s over on the chip count page. Yes, that’s the chip count page.


7pm: Dinner
The Malott elimination was the last action of the level. Players are now taking a dinner break, which will last for one hour. We’ll count some chips, grab a bite, and then be back.

Andrew Malott uses PФКЗЯSTДЯS ЬLФG ФИЭ-TIMЗ CHIP™. It doesn’t work. But he uses it.
We’ve been waiting for this for a long, long time this week, but here it is. Andrew Malott just used his PФКЗЯSTДЯS ЬLФG ФИЭ-TIMЗ CHIP™, the Ukrainian release of the PokerStars Blog One-Time Chip™. (Click through to the original explanation of this disc of poker wonderment.)

As described below, Malott had two pair, aces and fours, but he’d run into Alexander Dovzhenko’s set of queens, with only the river to be dealt. “Is this a good time to play my [PokerStars Blog] One Time [Chip™]?” Of course, he actually meant: “Is this a good time to play my PФКЗЯSTДЯS ЬLФG ФИЭ-TIMЗ CHIP™,” but we let him off because he doesn’t speak Ukrainian.


Unfortunately for Malott, and for this tournament in general, this time the PФКЗЯSTДЯS ЬLФG ФИЭ-TIMЗ CHIP™ couldn’t work its magic* and the miracle two outer didn’t come.

But that was some textbook use of the hottest item of poker gadgetry and we salute him for that. (We also salute him for this whole tournament. He’s been a great guy and a great player throughout.) – HS

*PokerStars Blog One-Time Chip™ Enterprises does not guarantee success.

6.48pm: That’s your Malott
A pretty brutal hand has caused the demise of the likable PokerStars qualifier Andrew Malott. His conqueror was local hero Alexander Dovzhenko who called a pre-flop raise in position to see a 9♥4♠Q♣ flop. Malott continued his aggression with a 45,000 bet that was called to take us to the A♥ turn.


This is where the fireworks really went off as a Malott checked raised a 100,000 bet up to 240,000 before calling for all his chips when the Ukrainian moved all in. Malott confidently turned over A♥4♦ for two-pair but Dovzhenko flipped over Q♠Q♦ for a set. The river came 9♦ to confirm Malot’s surprise exit.–MC

6.35pm: Firing blanks
On a board of 4♣4♠A♥3♠J♥ Vitaly Tolokonnikov fired off bigger and bigger bets (34,000, 56,000, 160,000) which Maxim Lykov continued to call. At the showdown both had nothing, Tolokonnikov showing seven-six, while Lykov’s king-high was good. — SB

6.30pm: “How many lives have you got?”
Volodymyr Pilyavskyy’s charmed life continues. He’s got a micro-stack, only 33,000 at the start of this hand, and got it all in pre-flop with A♥3♣. Michael Meyburg called from the big blind with A♠Q♠ and it looked like it was all over for the Ukrainian. But after a blank flop, the 3♥ turned and Pilyavskyy doubled up. “How many lives have you got?” pondered Adrian Schaap aloud. He got no reply. – HS

6.20pm: Double up but not much
Arthur Simonyan moves in with pocket kings and Lucasz Plichta called with pocket jacks. The board helped no one and the chips went to Simonyen, still the short stack. — SB

6.18pm: Big bets, no flop
Alexey Maslov made it 31,000 pre-flop which Maxim Lykov raised to 77,000. Maslov then came back at him, 206,000 in total which Lykov folded. — SB

6.16pm: Raising and raising
Vadim Markushevski made it 31,000 pre-flop which Vitaly Tolokonnikov re-raised to 90,000. Torsten Tent sighed heavily and folded the big blind and the action returned to Markushevski. Tolokonnikov got the same reaction from him though, taking the pot. – SB

6.15pm: Slow down
There are a couple of very short stacks on the outer table, but they’re clinging on. Michael Meyburg is one of them, and he’s been all in countless times — pretty much any time it’s folded to him or he’s first to act — but no one is finding the hand to call him down. A couple of unraised pots, usually battles of the blinds, have seen a pot, but there’s been no hands of interest out there for quite some time. – HS

5.58pm: Ace high good again
Andrew Malott, who grieved for the loss of fellow American Alex Fitzgerald, was betting again, 36,000 from under-the-gun, getting a caller in Alexander Dovzhenko in the cut off. Both checked the 8♣6♥8♠ flop for a 4♣ turn card. Now Malott made it 71,000 which Dovzhenko eventually called for a K♦ on the river. Both checked again, Malott turning over 7♣9♣ to be beaten by Dovzhenko’s A♦Q♣. – SB

5.55pm: Ace high good
Maxim Lykov and Alexey Maslov got involved, with Maslov firing twice on flop and turn on a board of 2♣7♣Q♣Q♦7♦. Lykov called all the way and his ace-high turned out to be good against Maslov’s king-high. – HS

5.48pm: Simonyan survives
Over on the feature table Arthur Simonyan was short-stacked but got a magical double up courtesy of Maxim Lykov. Lykov raised to 30,000 pre-flop and was called by Simonyan who left very little behind.

The flop came A♠8♠6♠ and the remainder of the chips flew in. Lykov had A-J, Simonyan 9-10 – and the 7♠ turn and 10♥ river filled Simonyan’s straight. -SY

5.45pm: Maxim Lykov
He’s no longer the chip leader, but he’s looking kind of relaxed. This is Max Lykov:


5.35pm: Malott hammers Fitzgerald
Alex Fitzgerald got very close, but will not be reaching his second EPT final table. His friend and countryman Andrew Malott became his assassin, when Malott raised from the button to 31,000 and Fitzgerald, in the big blind, shoved for his last 200,000.


Alex Fitzgerald

Malott asked for a count but then called before it was completed, tabling A♣8♣. Fitzgerald was in trouble with K♣J♠ and he got no help from any of flop, turn or river. Assassinato assassinated by Malott. They bumped fists and a very, very dangerous player is gone. – HS

5.37pm: This tank’s made in Germany
Michael Meyburg opened with a raise to 35,000 from the cut-off and is called by Adrian Schaap in the next seat before a A♥A♠4♥ came down. Meyburg checked raised a 46,000 bet up to 100,000 only to face an all-in bet from Schaap for 218,000 total. Meyburg went in to a five minute silent tank only interrupted by an apology to the table four minutes in. The fold came at the five minute mark and he’s left himself with 143,000.

5.35pm: Kronwitter busted
Jonas Kronwitter is out. After Maslov opened, he moved in for 215,000 with A♠Q♦ and was insta-called by Alexey Maslov with A♣K♠. The board failed to deliver Kronwitter’s much needed queen and he became the 15th finisher. — SB

5.25pm: New level begins
the new level begins with Maslov makes it 130,000 behind some earlier betting. He gets no takers to a 73,000 pot. — SB



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