PokerStars Festival Hamburg: After a double KO and chip leader change, it’s final table time

November 26, 2017

After four and a half hours of play here on Day 3, we’re now down to the official final table of eight players in the PokerStars Festival Hamburg Main Event. Here’s how we got there.

PSF_Hambu_Manuel_Kovsca_Ulrich Pauls 16.jpg

Ulrich Pauls

When driving to the Casino Schenefeld earlier today, the Blog team were chatting about then chip leader Ulrich Pauls’ double elimination at the end of last night’s action, ultimately predicting that it would happen again today.

I don’t want to toot our own horn but, y’know…beep beep. With 13 players left, Pauls would indeed bust both Daniel Stacey and Peter Jaksland in one foul swoop to take us down to 11.

From early position and with blinds at 15K/30K/5K, Stacey jammed his last 520,000 in the middle and Jaksland called all in for his 480,000 stack. Over to Pauls in the small blind, the German made the call to put them both at risk.

Jaksland had the A♠K♣, Stacey held the K♥J♥, and Pauls was in front with the 8♠8♣. The board ran out 7♦3♣2♣4♠8♦ to ultimately give Pauls top set, eliminating Jaksland in 13th and Stacey in 12th, both for €6,490.

PSF_Hambu_Manuel_Kovsca_Peter Jaksland 12.jpg

Jaksland falls

PSF_Hambu_Manuel_Kovsca_Daniel Stacey 34.jpg

As does Stacey

Shortly after that De Han Kim was felted in 11th. He was down to just 133,000 and stuck it in from the small blind with the 10♥4♦, which Alaettin Keles called from the big with the K♦8♠. Kim made a pair on the turn of the J♠5♦2♣4♠ board, but the 8♦ river gave Keles a better one.

It’s been a great week of poker from Kim. He finished second in the €2,200 High Roller earlier this week for a €32,210 payday, and now he’s banked an extra €7,640 in this Main Event.

PSF_Hambu_Manuel_Kovsca_De Han Kim 49.jpg

Another good result for Kim

Ten handed play lasted for a while, with Pauls holding around 30% of all chips in play. Michal Lubas managed to crack Jan Sigel’s pocket aces after his pocket tens flopped a set, while Marcin Horecki’s stack dipped after losing a few small pots.

Eventually though, Alaettin Keles would fall in 10th to bring them round one table. Karolis Domarkas had shoved all in from the hijack, before Keles did the same in the cutoff. Keles’ K♦J♣ was dominated by the A♦J♥, and a low board kept the ace high in front. Keles also won €7,640.

PSF_Hambu_Manuel_Kovsca_Alaettin Keles 58.jpg

Keles says goodbye

Rudolf Köster came into the unofficial final table with just five big blinds, while Paul’s 4.8 million was in front with 96 bigs. It wasn’t surprising to see Köster shoving, and after splitting his first all in against Behzad Zarnegar (both had ace-ten off), Köster would bust in ninth.

PSF_Hambu_Manuel_Kovsca_Rudolf Köster 10.jpg

Koster’s gone

He shoved for 165,000 with the A♥Q♥ and was isolated by Michal Lubas with the 10♠10♣. A ten on the flop ended up sealing Köster’s fate, for which he’ll earn €9,290.

That win put Lubas up into the chip lead, as Pauls doubled up Sweden’s Bo Rundström when his A♠4♣ lost to A♣K♥.

PSF_Hambu_Manuel_Kovsca_Michal Lubas 67.jpg

Lubas is in the lead

Here are the chip counts at the start of the official final table:

Position Name Chips
1 Michal Lubas 4,550,000
2 Ulrich Pauls 4,260,000
3 Behzad Zarnegar 2,190,000
4 Jan Sigel 2,100,000
5 Bo Rundström 1,825,000
6 Andrei Nodea 845,000
7 Marcin Horecki 655,000
8 Karolis Domarkas 555,000

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