PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Dan Stacey cruising with the bubble looming

November 25, 2017

The UKIPT was one of the most successful regional tours of its time, a jewel in PokerStars’ crown. It was loyally supported and attended by many regulars who loved the friendly, welcoming atmosphere, and the lively social scene. It’s great to see some of those familiar faces here at PokerStars Festival Hamburg this week.

PSF_Hambu_Manuel_Kovsca_Daniel Stacey.jpg

Stacey in action today

Three in particular have been regulars on the UK circuit for a long time and are always great to banter with, usually not far from the bar with a beer in our hands. Mike “Da Bookie” Hill, Neil “the least sounding Yorkshireman ever” Rawnsley and Dan “he’s got to win a title soon” Stacey all flew in from Manchester together and played Day 1C yesterday.

Rawnsley and Stacey made it to Day 2 but, as we reported in an earlier post, the former of these lost a flip to bust in the first level. So it’s down to Stacey to represent and we need to find a new way to describe him as it’s been two years since he turned that talent into a title, an UKIPT one at that.

The Isle of Man is a happy hunting ground for Stacey, who made the final table there in Season 4, finishing in 6th place. He had unfinished business on the island that PokerStars calls home though and came back a season later to claim the title, winning £24,170 after defeating Australian Paren Arzoomanian heads-up.

PSF_Hambu_Manuel_Kovsca_Daniel Stacey11.jpg

Stacey in action on Day 1C

Stacey started the day with a healthy 185,000 and has increased that to 250,000 (ave 195k) as the second break came around. The tournament is being played eight-handed and with 87 players remaining just one more table full of players will leave empty-handed.

We asked Stacey in the break how his day was going: “It’s going sound really. I’ve not been in any major pots so far, so it’s all been flowing nicely. My table is pretty passive so it’s a good table to be on as we approach the bubble. There are a few short stacks though so I need to keep an eye out for them. It should go well for me but you never know, it could spin around again and go mentally bad. I just need to be aware and all should be fine.”

PSF_Hambu_Manuel_Kovsca_Branding 4.jpg

Stay tuned in for all the action surrounding the upcoming bubble. For live updates, head over to our friends at PokerNews.

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