PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Matthias Rauscher tops sell out Day 1B crowd

November 23, 2017

When’s a hard cap not a hard cap? Either when it’s a helmet, or when 201 players are allowed to play a poker tournament when the hard cap is 200.

The folk at Casino Schenefeld are reasonable people though, and sometimes rules are meant to be broken. Day 1B of the PokerStars Festival Hamburg Main Event was more than a sell out, and with two more flights still to come (one of them a re-entry) we’re looking at a large field with lots of big prizes close to the festive season. Talking of which, happy Thanksgiving everyone!

PSF_Hambu_Manuel_Kovsca_Matthias Rauscher.jpg

Matthias Rauscher: topped the sellout flight

Another twelve 40-minute levels were swept through today and by the time the bags were handed out at the end, 63 were needed. One of these bags swelled a bit more than the others and it belonged to Matthias Rauscher. He heads a top ten of players that you can read below:

Name Country Chips
Matthias Rauscher Germany 241000
Mohammad Qasim Germany 232700
Michal Lubas Poland 222000
Maximilian Hornung Germany 221400
Giuseppe Caridi Italy 195000
Johannes Wassmuth Germany 180300
Roberto Manfredi Italy 157000
Ali Sameeian Germany 145500
Hael Al-Labani Germany 141500
Adrian Apmann Germany 136700

Full counts available on PokerNews.

Other talking points included Johannes Wassmuth, as he continued his ascent throughout the second half of the day and got his stack up to 180,000 by the time Level 9 rolled around, mainly thanks to cracking the aces belonging to Mike Teske. The two players made it to the river of a 6♥6♣3♠K♦3♦ board with lots of chips in the middle. Teske moved all-in with A♥A♠ but was eliminated after Wassmuth called with 5♠6♠ for a full house.

PSF_Hambu_Manuel_Kovsca_Johannes Wassmuth.jpg

Johannes Wassmuth: couldn’t hold onto the chip lead

Wassmuth was around 40,000 clear of the field at that stage but soon had the fortunate Giuseppi Caridi biting at his heals. The Italian misread his hand in a huge three-way pot, getting K♠9♠ in on a Q♥J♥A♠ flop versus Hanno Often who held the nuts with K♦10♦. A third player in the hand folded pocket queens due to all the big action and then the board ran out 8♠2♠ to make Caridi a backdoor flush!

PSF_Hambu_Manuel_Kovsca_Giuseppe Caridi 3.jpg

Giuseppi Caridi: Thumbs up for backdoor flushes

Adrian Apmann is one of the lesser known German players but he’s got game. Over $700,000 in live cashes and a WSOP bracelet to his name tell us that. He started to make his move up the counts in the latter half of the day. He three-bet preflop and went on to empty the clip (including an effective jam on the river) versus Clemens Michaelis. There are times when that line can be a bluff but Apmann was going for maximum value with top pair, top kicker. Michaelis was a disbeliever and called all the way down with second pair to be sent to the rail.

It’s Friday tomorrow and the last two flights will play out; Day 1C starting at the usual 1pm CET and the re-entry Day 1D getting underway at 8pm. 1C will be played over 30-minute levels and 1D – only open to those who have busted already – will be something of a hyper turbo with 20-minute levels. Until then, it’s goodnight from Germany.

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