PokerStars Festival Hamburg: Tom Holke is Casino Schenefeld’s very own Bruce Banner

November 24, 2017

Casino Schenefeld is to Tom Holke what gamma rays are to Bruce Banner.

Bruce Banner transforms into the Incredible Hulk for action and something similar happens to Tom Holke when he enters the doors of Casino Schenefeld.

The colourful German came from nowhere two years ago to storm to victory in the Eureka Hamburg Main Event for €107,920, his first ever live recorded cash. Then he came back a year later and made a valiant effort defending his title, going deep and making the money.

Main Eavant winner Tom Holke  Eureka Poker Tour 5 Hamburg Tomas Stacha_2DSC_2451-thumb-450x299-263506.jpg

Tom Holke: Schenefeld’s superhero

“I had a lucky weekend when I won Eureka, winning 18 coin flips in a row from when there were 36 players remaining. I busted all those players so I was running very good and that gave me a naturally good feeling when I returned here one year later. I had a really good first day and then I couldn’t sleep at all that night. I was lying there for eight hours trying to shut my mind down! So I didn’t play well on Day 2 and the coin flips didn’t go my way.

“My motivation for playing is not to win, but to have fun. I like poker to be fun, have fun at the table, small tournaments are best for this and it’s great when the whole table has fun too. I do like the fun but this year I come back for the second win!”

Holke played Day 1C but unfortunately busted early on. With the big blind at 200 he opened to 1,100 from under the gun and was called in two spots. The flop came 3♦K♣A♦ and Holke continued for 2,500. Esad Omerbasic called from the hijack before Hermann Behrens check-raised to 7,000 from the small blind. Holke jammed for 22,900 and both opponents called.

Behrens: A♣Q♠
Holke: A♠J♥
Omerbasic: 3♠3♥

The board bricked out and Holke hit the rail.

Holke admitted to us that he probably overplayed the hand and he should’ve folded to the flop check-raise from Omerbasic, but he’s going to try his luck in the re-entry Day 1D. “Yes, I play again tonight as I need two bullets for a good poker feeling! Ha ha.”

It’s understandable that this casino has a warm place in his heart.

“I like this poker room here. I see many poker rooms in Germany and in Austria but here the service, the dealers, the waitresses have a big heart for the players. It very nice to play here, and the organisation is very good when there’s a big tournament like this weekend.”

PSF_Hambu_Manuel_Kovsca_Tom Holke v9.jpg

No luck in Day 1C

Being Black Friday (not that one) today, we can all understand how nice it feels to get something at a discount.

“I like PokerStars as you can play a satellite for €20 and qualify for a Eureka or PokerStars Festival. It’s so special to play a big tournament here in Schenefeld for little money.”

Holke’s special connection with this casino has the chance to continue this week, we wish him all the best in Day 1D and will bring you up to speed on his progress on Day 2.

PSF_Hambu_Manuel_Kovsca_Tom Holke 1.jpg

Holke’s colourful character is represented in his accessories

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