PokerStars Festival Manila: Asmolov, Miyakita and Falcon all fall in High Roller

August 02, 2017

After humble beginnings with just six players to start, the High Roller is now firing on all cylinders as the total entrants has grown to 30. A couple of those are due to a lot of action and some re-entries with five players already busting their first bullet.

The first player to fall was Michael Falcon who found himself felted only two and half hours into proceedings. He had already been knocked down to 13,000 and moved the rest of those chips in on a flop of 10♦10♠6♣ holding 6♥4♥. That was way behind Timofey Asmolov’s K♠10♥ for flopped trips, and with Falcon needing running sixes to survive, he was dead by the fall of the 8♠ turn card. Falcon hasn’t re-entered but with late registration open until the end of the first level tomorrow he still has a chance to get back into the action.

PSF Manila Michael Falcon.jpg

Michael Falcon

Joining Falcon on the rail was Kota Miyakita when his pocket kings failed to hold up. Miyakita opened the action in early position, and after facing a three-bet from Simon Hermann, Miyakita piled it in over the top for 29,800. Hermann called it off and the cards went on their backs.

Miyakita: K♥K♣
Hermann: A♣K♠

Miyakita fell behind on the A♥Q♥8♥ flop and while he did pick up the nut flush draw, the J♣ turn and 7♣ river meant his first entry was done and dusted. Just like Falcon, Miyakita hasn’t pulled up a seat again but time will tell if he opts to fire another bullet.

PSF Manila Kota Miyakita.jpg

Kota Miyakita

And the latest evictee was satellite qualifier Timofey Asmolov who took the last of Falcon’s chips earlier in the day. A few hours later Asmolov had also been sent packing after he unsuccessfully tangled with Simon Burns.

It was Asmolov who kicked things off with a raise and both Burns and Ken Okada called to see a flop of A♥10♥4♥. Asmolov continued and both players stuck around as the dealer burned and turned the 10♣. Asmolov held A♦4♦ and despite having his two pair counterfeited he still shipped his last 41,150 into the middle. Burns called it off and with Okada out of the way Asmolov saw he wasn’t doing well versus Q♥9♥ for a flopped flush.

Asmolov was still live to a few full house outs but the 7♠ river signalled the end of his first entry. He exited the tournament area and it’s unknown whether he’ll utilize the option to re-enter. Asmolov’s departure left us with 25 players but that number could either grow or shrink before the end of the day with registration still open and chips flying here in Manila.

PSF Manila Timofey Asmolov1.jpg

Timofey Asmolov

We’ll be keeping an eye out to see who else falls by the wayside and who can climb the highest here on Day 1 of the High Roller. We’ll have a full wrap of today’s action later but in the meantime you can check in with PokerNews for live coverage.


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